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The CCG Team combines nearly 4 decades of experience ranging from Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Juvenile Probation and Parole, Military and Security Services. Information, perspectives, and ideas presented are not the "only" way, but they are "a" way. Feedback and comment is always welcome. Feel free to email the CCG Team through this site.

Fighting in Schools – Boys vs. Girls

Fighting in Schools – Boys vs. Girls Regardless of a high school’s funding, location, and student-body demographics, there is always room for improvement when it comes to student-based fighting in schools. Putting a large amount of energized, hormonal teenagers in one place, day after day, is going to open up opportunity for them to become angry and violent with one another. To help prevent fighting in schools, it is important to understand what to watch for. Boys and girls can both become violent, and such fights can range from merely disruptive to life threatening. Here are some differences between how girls [...]

Fighting in Schools – Boys vs. Girls2014-07-25T18:43:41-04:00

Preventing School Violence – What Tech Security is Worth the Cost?

Preventing School Violence – What Tech Security is Worth the Cost? With each new advancement in both specialized and mainstream technology, it becomes a more and more talked-about aspect of the U.S. education system. This is especially true when the topic shifts to preventing school violence. Administration and teachers everywhere are pushing for technology as a solution to deterring much of the violence that occurs in and around schools. But security technology is usually both expensive and controversial, so how does one chose what to invest in? Below are a few of the most popular school security options and a list of [...]

Preventing School Violence – What Tech Security is Worth the Cost?2014-07-17T16:01:18-04:00

Gang Violence in Schools – 5 Facts You Didn’t Know

Gang Violence in Schools – 5 Facts You Didn’t Know In a recent publication released by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Service, a team of authors with extensive experience in the educational field wrote on gang violence in schools. Titled Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership, this collaboration of writers go in-depth on the who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s of gang influence and participation by the American youth, and how to best work to prevent and even eradicate this issue. From this publication, the CCG team has taken 5 facts about gang violence in schools [...]

Gang Violence in Schools – 5 Facts You Didn’t Know2014-11-17T22:02:22-05:00

Crisis Response Training – Training the 5 Most Difficult Students

Crisis Response Training – Training the 5 Most Difficult Students It is not easy being a staff trainer, especially for crisis response training. Imagine being a teacher of a classroom, except all your students are grown adults. There is no “authority figure” complex or option to send them to the principle’s office. But rest assured, here are tips from the CCG head instructors on how to best handle the 5 most notorious students in a crisis response training course, almost all of whom arrive to every training day:   The What If-er There is always at least one student (if not [...]

Crisis Response Training – Training the 5 Most Difficult Students2017-07-25T01:05:15-04:00

Causes of Conflict – The Connection Between Heat and Violence

Causes of Conflict – The Connection Between Heat and Violence People often use the expression “hot-blooded” as an explanation for someone who easily becomes aggressive or violent. However, a great deal of research shows how temperature and levels of human aggression directly correspond, and how this has been the case throughout history. Journalist Elizabeth Landau explains that many ancient civilizations collapsed during times of extreme heat and drought. These civilizations, such as the Mayan Empire and many Chinese dynasties, fell because of internal struggles with their own people that then left them vulnerable to conquest. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University’s [...]

Causes of Conflict – The Connection Between Heat and Violence2014-08-02T01:16:35-04:00

Crisis Intervention Skills – Why Everyone Needs Them

Crisis Intervention Skills – Why Everyone Needs Them Earlier this month, at the University of Calgary, Canada, 5 horrific and completely unforeseen murders took place. A house party consisting of about 30 university students erupted into chaos when one of the guests grabbed a kitchen knife and began stabbing his fellow students. Each of the 5 victims was stabbed multiple times; three died on the scene and the other 2 died of their wounds after being rushed to the local hospital. The details: Up to this point, no one can say why this student, Matthew de Grood, attacked his fellow students [...]

Crisis Intervention Skills – Why Everyone Needs Them2014-05-09T14:53:15-04:00

Violence in Schools – 4 Root Causes

Violence in Schools - 4 Root Causes Articles exist all over the internet spouting how to “end” violence in schools. They have a tendency to be broad, generic, and focused on the symptoms of youth violence instead of the causes. Drugs, alcohol, and sex are often blamed as reasons behind violent students, and while those might be linked to such individuals, it is not those issues school administration and security should be spending the bulk of their time fighting. These issues, just like violence, are results of deeper issues that need to be addressed if we truly want to prevent violence [...]

Violence in Schools – 4 Root Causes2018-01-10T16:34:04-05:00

How to Manage Crisis – Before and During

How to Manage Crisis – Before and During No one ever knows how they will actually react when a crisis hits. We might imagine how we will behave when we watch thriller movies or hear about actual crisis events on the news, but when a crisis hits, everything changes. Here are some vital pieces of information to carry with you if you ever find yourself in a crisis situation:   How to Manage Crisis - Breathing When you go through a crisis, your body goes into what is known as the “fight or flight” hormonal response. Your adrenaline goes up and [...]

How to Manage Crisis – Before and During2018-03-13T07:52:49-04:00

Bullying In Schools: The Powerful Link to Violence and School Shootings

Because the discomfort of connecting children and violence is so great, people tend to take the road of shock and awe, looking at the shooting as if it was a random and unexplainable act of violence. But often the truth is the opposite, for in many well-known incidents of school shootings, there was already violence and cruelty occurring before a weapon or gun ever entered the situation.

Bullying In Schools: The Powerful Link to Violence and School Shootings2014-11-17T21:02:33-05:00

Crisis Prevention – 5 Myths

  When people talk about individuals going into “crisis,” a specific image comes to mind. Some may envision a person going into a blind rage with arms flailing, standing on the ledge of a roof saying they plan to jump, or maybe someone seizing on the ground. The image is typically melodramatic and attributed to people with specific issues, such as mental illness or drug addiction. In reality, anyone can escalate into crisis, and staff in every industry are therefore vulnerable to someone in their work environment becoming dangerous. Crisis prevention training, therefore, is paramount in any workplace. Without it, employees [...]

Crisis Prevention – 5 Myths2014-08-02T01:18:42-04:00

CCG Physical Intervention Technique – Details

When creating nonviolent physical crisis intervention techniques, the primary focus is safety, dignity, and respect for all persons involved. Equally important is the actual effectiveness of the hold itself. If a technique doesn't work in real-life scenarios people get hurt and lives may be lost.

CCG Physical Intervention Technique – Details2017-03-13T21:13:25-04:00

Active Shooter Training – Free Tools

Active Shooter Training - Free Tools One of the first questions asked by organizations looking for Active Shooter Training tools is "Where can I get something for free?" If you are seeking basic training available to the general public, you don't have to go far for effective options. The Department of Homeland Security provides one day workshops around the country you may be able to attend. For free. A quick search of Active Shooter Training, or Active Shooter Response on Youtube should also provide a few options. For a few more engaging and customized options, read further: Active Shooter Training - [...]

Active Shooter Training – Free Tools2014-03-14T17:30:11-04:00

Active Shooter Online Training – Effective or Ineffective?

Active Shooter Online Training When an organization begins to consider the option of providing Active Shooter Online Training to their employees, a few key questions should be considered before moving forward. The decisions and actions individuals take in the first moments of an Active Shooter event are so critical. Therefore, relevant and effective training is essential. 1. Is the Active Shooter Online Training delivered by credible and qualified Instructors? 2. Is the curriculum effective, realistic, and progressive? 3. Is the AS training cost effective when compared to live training? 4. Will the Active Shooter Online Training include required engagement and interaction [...]

Active Shooter Online Training – Effective or Ineffective?2014-03-14T17:38:34-04:00

Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement

Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement Realistic, effective, and progressive are three terms that should be associated with any Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) program. Three more terms that should be added when instructing Law Enforcement Officers are; credible, detailed, and coordinated. Careful consideration must be taken when training the individuals entrusted to protect others, shortcuts are not recommended. This article focuses on a number of key factors to help with choosing the right vendor. Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement- Realistic, Effective, Progressive. Providing Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement or related armed first responders must be based around keeping [...]

Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement2014-07-07T20:07:55-04:00

Free Active Shooter Training Video – Effective Tool For Learning

Free Active Shooter Training Video Providing your workforce with basic understanding of how to minimize harm, increase safety, and build confidence during an Active Shooter (AS) event is a key step in helping to reduce injury and deaths from such an incident. A free, short video has been made available with effective basic information (“Run, Hide, Fight”) searchable on Youtube®. For a more complete and thorough training option, seeking an online, video Active Shooter Training course is strongly encouraged. Active Shooter Training Video- Topics Should Include: * AS history – information regarding past occurrences, such as Columbine, VA Tech, Newtown, and [...]

Free Active Shooter Training Video – Effective Tool For Learning2014-03-14T17:43:57-04:00

What is Active Shooter Training?

What Is Active Shooter Training? With Active Shooter (AS) incidents playing out nearly every day across the globe, the question most often being asked is “Why did this occur?” and “How do we prevent these from occurring?” One response to the latter question is through providing and/or receiving instruction in a unique training curriculum referred to as “Active Shooter Training." Below is a short list of what is often covered in most basic Active Shooter Training courses as well as how to evaluate a potential vendor. By no means is this list all-encompassing, though it can provide a good place to [...]

What is Active Shooter Training?2014-07-07T20:13:43-04:00

Crisis Intervention Certification- How Does It Help?

Crisis Intervention Certification- How Does It Help? For someone working in an environment where they are prone to be verbally assaulted, physically assaulted, or are having to deal with challenging behavior on a routine or occasional basis, gaining Crisis Intervention Certification can be a game changer. The training curriculum provides numerous tools, skills, and techniques to effectively and safely de-escalate individuals who have become hostile and/or threatening, all without having to utilize harmful or violent responses that could lead to unintentional harm. During a crisis situation, it is typical to have one or more “responders” present or nearby to deal with [...]

Crisis Intervention Certification- How Does It Help?2014-08-02T00:48:28-04:00

Crisis Intervention Team – Enhancing Team Effectiveness

Crisis Intervention Team –Enhancing Team Effectiveness Nearly every crisis situation happens in front of a group of people.  Of course there are the situations that individuals deal with from time to time, though most often situations that happen in the workplace have another staff member nearby, or at least within earshot.  For this reason it is imperative that responders who work together need to enhance, maintain, and improve their “team” approach whenever possible.  After spending over 20 professional years working with crisis in mental health, military combat, law enforcement and LE tactical situations, I have gained a deep understanding of a [...]

Crisis Intervention Team – Enhancing Team Effectiveness2017-07-19T12:40:11-04:00

What is Verbal and Physical Non Violent Crisis Intervention?

What is Verbal and Physical Non Violent Crisis Intervention? Commonly known in the crisis intervention training industry is the term “Nonviolent Crisis Intervention” *(trademarked title for a workplace safety training curriculum created by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) in the early 1980’s).  The term non violent crisis intervention has evolved from not only a brand name, but a industry term for any such “non violent” crisis intervention training offered by other companies and training organizations. More effective verbal and physical non violent crisis intervention The Crisis Consultant Group, LLC (CCG) is one of those companies. Intimately familiar with and formerly certified [...]

What is Verbal and Physical Non Violent Crisis Intervention?2015-08-25T02:49:52-04:00

Crisis Intervention – What is it?

Crisis Intervention Classes What exactly is “crisis intervention training” and why has it became “highly recommended” classes for those working in mental health and related human service professions? A great question, with a fairly straightforward answer. The term “crisis intervention” most often represents a  curriculum consisting of both verbal and physical intervention techniques to be utilized by a “responder” (mental health tech, law enforcement officer, correctional officer, group home worker, human services professional, etc.) in efforts to calm, contain, control and/or otherwise de-escalate an individual who is in “crisis,” often demonstrated by an agitated, hostile, or aggressive behaviors. Crisis Intervention techniques [...]

Crisis Intervention – What is it?2020-10-13T18:41:03-04:00

In School Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?

In School Active Shooter - Are You Prepared? You have created the response plan for an active shooter in your school and conducted practice drills. Now what? Since the Columbine, VA Tech, Newtown incidents, schools across the country have been creating, developing, planning, and testing new policy and procedures for similar violent situations. What we have seen in the majority of many organizations we have worked with across the US is that they have created effective response plans for emergency situations, along with great policies and procedures, but have failed to plan for what happens to individuals personally, when they encounter [...]

In School Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?2018-11-25T07:42:31-05:00

Working With At-Risk Youth – More Good Kids Than Bad?

Working With At-Risk Youth - More Good Kids Than Bad? When working with At-Risk Youth we must remember: “There Are More Good People Than Bad.” I remember hearing that statement on a show about 9/11. Translated into Crisis Intervention Training during a crisis it is important to remember that the person you are dealing with isn’t likely to be “all bad” or “evil.” They may be so out of control and escalated that they may actually appear to be possessed by the devil, though that is not likely (After working in mental health or a human services profession long enough, you [...]

Working With At-Risk Youth – More Good Kids Than Bad?2014-08-02T00:55:11-04:00

Single Person Restraint Technique Vs. Two Person (Pro’s and Con’s)

Single Person Restraint Technique Vs. Two Person (Pro’s and Con’s) We often hear facilities ask us, “Do you teach a single-person restraint technique?” Our answer is, “No.”  The next question is, “Why not?” As this is a question that plagues many employees’ minds, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the reasons for, and against a single-person restraint technique when considering crisis intervention training. Pro’s 1.  Can use when you are working by yourself 2.  Do not have to depend on other staff member’s ability to assist you 3.  If there are more than one individual that needs restraining, less [...]

Single Person Restraint Technique Vs. Two Person (Pro’s and Con’s)2014-08-02T00:56:37-04:00

Standing Restraint vs. Prone Restraint

Standing Restraint vs. Prone Restraint The argument for standing vs. prone restraint when discussing crisis intervention training has been one that has been around for quite some time. There have been many arguments for both, though I want to examine some of them here: Prone Restraint A large percentage of physical interventions end up going to the ground. Skilled fighters will often try to take their opponent to the ground in efforts to contain them and/or restrict their ability to return strikes or blows. Larger opponents can enjoy the benefits of weight dominance and lessen the likelihood that their opponent will [...]

Standing Restraint vs. Prone Restraint2017-07-10T21:27:05-04:00

4 Principles For Selecting The Right Crisis Intervention Training Vendor

4 Principles For Selecting The Right Crisis Intervention Training Vendor Choosing the right Crisis Intervention Training vendor to provide crisis intervention training, conflict resolution training, or online crisis intervention and prevention training for your employees is critical. To assist you in making the choice, we thought we would share the process we use as a company to arrive at a logical and practical decision. We strive to use these 4 principles when considering taking on new projects, curriculum enhancements, or general choices we have to make regarding the correct path for us to take. As we are entrusted with ensuring the [...]

4 Principles For Selecting The Right Crisis Intervention Training Vendor2014-08-02T00:59:17-04:00

Crisis Intervention Strategies – Meaningful Interventions

Crisis Intervention Strategies When you hear the term “crisis intervention strategies,” many ideas and perspectives may come to mind. The focal point for us here at Crisis Consultant Group, LLC when we hear that term is a famous quote by a great warrior and military leader, Sun Tzu. He stated that, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. How incredible a concept back in his time, and how true still today. Is it possible to subdue a person in crisis, through verbal and physical means, without actions that would be considered “fighting?" We believe it is. [...]

Crisis Intervention Strategies – Meaningful Interventions2014-08-02T00:42:25-04:00

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention – What Is It?

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention The term “Therapeutic Crisis Intervention” is widely known and associated with the crisis management protocol developed by Cornell University. Yet, for the purposes of this article, we are not referring to this protocol or program, but the actual term itself: therapeutic crisis intervention, and how it impacts crisis situations. Understanding how to have a therapeutic approach and mindset when going into an intervention will most often mean the difference between further escalation or actual de-escalation of the person and situation altogether. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention - Empowerment The term “crisis intervention” often refers to the act of intervening through [...]

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention – What Is It?2014-11-17T20:51:30-05:00

Prevent Workplace Violence in 4 Steps

Prevent Workplace Violence: 4 Steps Preventing workplace violence in 4 steps can be a daunting task, especially depending on the workplace environment. For example, if you work in the nightclub industry, you are likely faced with a stream of potentially violent individuals emboldened by liquid courage on a nightly basis. We believe that sending your security staff to the latest martial arts or defensive tactics class is focusing energy on the wrong end of the confrontation and is likely to end up causing more harm than good. Not to mention additional liability to your staff and organization. Prevent Workplace Violence – [...]

Prevent Workplace Violence in 4 Steps2014-08-02T00:44:24-04:00


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