In School Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?

You have created the response plan for an active shooter in your school and conducted practice drills. Now what? Since the Columbine, VA Tech, Newtown incidents, schools across the country have been creating, developing, planning, and testing new policy and procedures for similar violent situations.

What we have seen in the majority of many organizations we have worked with across the US is that they have created effective response plans for emergency situations, along with great policies and procedures, but have failed to plan for what happens to individuals personally, when they encounter actual horrific events such as these.

Panic, fear, confusion, stress, mental fatigue, loss of fine motor skills, Hormonal Stress Responses, the list goes on and on.

As much research has been done by pioneers in the field (Such as Lt. Dave Grossman, Gavin DeBecker, and Tony Blauer) regarding “fight or flight”, “the ambush,” and the HSR (the bodies natural responses to sudden aggression and violence), this training has normally only been available to those in the military, law enforcement, or related fields.

We here at CCG believe that many of these life-saving mindset shifts and concepts should be tailored and provided to persons serving in other professions, especially for those not accustomed or expecting to face these types of violent encounters.

Having well-intentioned Law Enforcement and Military folks teaching civilians creates many unnecessary hurdles during training. We have been teaching Crisis Intervention Training (Non-violent) around the United States for the last 10 years in 24 states, and have become quite accustomed to bridging the gap between “tactical speak” and “layman’s terms.”  That said, our instructors have Law Enforcement, Military, Corrections, Security and Mental Health experience, making the curriculum is safe, effective, realistic, proven, and well-designed to reach persons from various backgrounds, without any type of “tactical” experience or training.

We have created a Basic Active Shooter Response course (Live or Online) specifically for educators and those working within the school system to better prepare for violent encounters.

This course will provide Educators and Crisis Response Team Members with:

  • Confidence – Empowering participants to meet challenges safely and effectively

  • Hope – Teaching the essentials of an adaptive mindset for effective resolution to violent conflict

  • Options – Demonstrating numerous options to evade, escape, minimize harm, and think outside of the box

  • Perseverance – Teaching methods and techniques to avoid mental fatigue and failure when under extreme stress

  • Survival Skills – Self-aid and immediate actions for traumatic injury to others

*To note:  This course is not a “tactical” course, and teaches no “hands-on” or related “martial arts” techniques. This In School Active Shooter course will not interfere with any current policy or procedure your organization may have in place. This course simply teaches the topics mentioned above, to better prepare and equip educators to follow the plans you have in place.

This course may be taught on-site, for groups of up to 400 staff at one time.