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CA 553 – Compliance Due Date: 6/30/2024

  • Compliance with 2024 Laws & Guidance
  • WPV Plan & Procedure Development Tool


Immediate Compliance with CA SB 553  – Workplace Violence Prevention Plan & Training

Living in these unpredictable times, CCG can provide your employees and organization with the tools needed to keep everyone safe during emergencies.  Offering immediate opportunities for organizations to be in full compliance with the latest requirements, each organization can take comfort in knowing they are fully prepared for the unexpected.

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Access to the WVPP Compliance Bundle will ensure your CA based organization meets and aligns with the latest CA SB 553 Requirements:

  1. Online template with form fill-in for Administrators with easy step-by-step instructions on what information is required for compliance
  2. Ability to upload company name and logo which auto-fills throughout template and related documents
  3. Ability for company Administrators to download company-specific plan and log via PDF for their files
  4. Company Administrators, Security Professionals, and Executives can keep and fill-in their own WVP Log at their own locations.
  5. Access to award-winning, Online Active Threat Response training program referencing the company WVP Plan and prompts employees to access and read through it, with verification check-off to ensure they have received and understand it
  6. Ability to make changes and updates to the plan with ability to again download the updated version  with “current as of” version date embedded into it

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CCG’s Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program is ALSO available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking certification.

Utilizing an online Learning Management System (LMS) this course uses interactive multimedia consisting professionally recorded HD video.  Training is divided into multiple chapters and sections for at-your-own-pace instruction.

*Courses meet OHSA General Duty Clause Section 5 (a)(1), of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and assists employers obligation to provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious harm. Learn more about OHSA guidelines for workplace violence prevention.

In addition this online training meets and exceeds the recommended training requirement for the new CA SB 553 laws.

Looking For On-Location WPV Compliance Training?   

Online Course Topics include:

  • Defining Workplace Violence
  • Identifying Causes of Workplace Violence
  • Maintaining Your Calm During Crisis
  • Interpreting Body Language and Signs of Escalation
  • Effective Tips For Conflict Resolution
  • Situational Awareness and Enhancing Personal Safety
  • The Circle Approach to Crisis Intervention™
  • Verbal Intervention Techniques™
  • And more–

Training includes:

  • PDF course handouts
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

This course is in alignment with OSHA / NIOSH and provides instruction on how to prevent Active Threat Events & Workplace Violence in various workplace environments.

Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of course in downloadable/printable format.

This WPV course is provided by the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC available through the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC in online, or on-site live-taught format.

See Customer Reviews Below: 

“Preparing for SB 553 has been the primary goal for our organization in the last quarter.  Thank you for helping us ensure we are going to be ready for the challenging times ahead– especially when considering all of the difficulty knowing what aspects of the new laws that we have to navigate through” — K. Price, CA

“We are excited to work with CCG on aligning with the new laws as we have always been satisfied with the training and guidance provided to us in the past whenever faced with new regulations coming out of the State”. –J. Conkel, CA



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