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Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training Certification Online

Now available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking certification.  This course uses interactive multimedia consisting of audio, video and visual aids combined with engaging practical exercises and final testing. Group Purchase? CLICK HERE

You may now add-on our industry leading “Escape and Evasion (E&E’s) Physical Intervention Skills Certification”  to your training – (Learn More Here).


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Crisis Prevention Topics:

  • Verbal De-escalation Techniques
  • Understanding Precursors To Crisis
  • Motivating Persons In Crisis
  • The Crisis Cycle (Emotional Response Levels)
  • Handling Passive Non-Compliance
  • Multiple Non-Violent De-escalation Techniques
  • Professional Distancing
  • Building Rapport
  • Implicit Bias
  • And more–

Course Length: 3.5 hours

Certification Length:  One Year

Where Accepted: USA, Canada and Internationally (*All prices shown are USD)

Applicable For: Hospitals, Health Care, Retail, Corporate, Security, Corrections, Group Homes, and others



  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Certification
  • Downloadable Certificate Upon Course Completion
  • Free ebook preview “Calm Every Storm, Preventing Aggressive Behavior with Your Words”

Aligns With:

  • Joint Commission
  • OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)
  • US Dept. of Education
  • Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

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*This Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (CPIT) ® course is exclusively owned and provided by the Crisis Consultant Group.  This course provides non-violent and non-confrontational techniques for de-escalation of crisis situations and is heavily utilized across the USA, the USVI, and Canada in nearly every workplace environment.  


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Average rating:  
 368 reviews
 by Rose Loaans

This course was truly engaging and easy to follow. Much appreciated.

 by Walter Strength

Excellent course which helped me see the things I was doing that were not necessarily helpful during crisis. A very well done course, which was relatable and current! Recommended!

 by Sade Noal

I enjoyed this course much more than those I have taken in the past from other companies. These techniques will work! Thank you!

 by Venise Leonard

Great course, good information

 by Jermaine Brown

Really well structured

Entertaining and informative

Easy to recite, retain and practice

Love it and have already started recommending to fellow social service worker students

 by Judith Bergman

As the facilitator used everyday language and scenarios it emphasized ways to speak/talk to de-escalate an individual in crisis. This was very useful, and a way to build confidence in ones self, when next going out in the filed or a crisis happens wih one of my individuals escalating.

 by Nicholas Hilaire

This course was amazing. I got to learn many new things and expound on some pre-existing knowledge too. What I liked the most about the course was that it allowed me to think more outside of the box when approaching a crisis situation. Learning about the SOLVE Solution, the different stages of a crisis, and Emotional Response Levels broke down the situation of a crisis in way that helped me to think in more detail about the reciprocity between myself and the person in crisis that is needed to be achieved so as to effectively de-escalate a crisis.

 by Delissa Sabo

Enjoyed the class. I think more videos would be nice.

 by Sabina Do

Great course, well done! Thank you!

 by Yu Yang

Thank you Brendan for your quick response. The course is amazing and it's very helpful! I will definitely come back again if I need more training.

 by William Ratterman

Thorough, well presented, entertaining and easily comprehended.

 by Julie DeYoung

The most important part of this training was the stress on using verbal intervention and how to try to keep the situations from escalating

 by Elizabeth Stewart

I participated in Crisis Prevention training a million years ago, and this was just awesome. I would love to continue training and become an instructor in the future, so please continue to offer training opportunities! I did not buy the manual, so being able to download powerpoint slides or purchase a PDF form of the manual would be amazing in the future. (And as someone who does a lot of presenting/public speaking, I have great appreciation for maintaining publication/author integrity; I separately like to have books/manuals on my laptop for portability, so an eBook/manual would be so awesome!)

 by David Spitz

The videos used and giving real life scenarios were very useful. I have not seen that done with other companies that teach crisis prevention intervention training.

 by Tracee Taylor

I really like how the course was fully loaded! great presenter. I was wondering how to get my certification and this course was perfect. I got my certificate fast online.

 by Natalie Grote

Concise and to the point! Helpful ERLs. I needed crisis prevention intervention classes for work and this online course worked perfectly.

 by Patricia Lurence

I enjoyed the personal examples of crisis intervention prevention training provided when a new topic was presented. This certification course was easy to use, glad I found you when searching for what is cpit training cost and non-violent options.

 by Pedro Gonzalez

I think it is a good course, I really enjoyed the trainer,  all the modules and learned many, many things actually debriefing was one of them. I needed a fast recertification  thanks again.

 by Christopher Grogan

The Pinky video was actually really helpful, I thought it would be a joke, but it was, in actuality, very useful. Now I'm cpit trained for work, thanks!

 by Jason Mendez

Very informative and the videos in between kept my attention.

 by Lili Smith

I was able to easily comprehend the information and it made sense. There were a lot of ah ha moments as I started connecting content to the real world. Not all certifications are equal, this will help me a lot.

 by Jaime Yates

The book was helpful for the exam and I feel it will be useful to review in the future. Having the ability to break the course into sections was nice. I work 2 jobs and finding time isn't easy. Thank you for this online course!

 by Susan Boisclair

Very informative, learned alot that will help on the job as well as in real life

 by Georgiamae Wallace

it was great i really like that part about being gental that and many more things have stuck with me.

 by Christopher Kurt

Course provided concrete and proven substance.The course featured clear presentation, was easy to follow and practical.

 by Karen Balsillie

I enjoyed the course, it was very beneficial for my wellbeing and also professional. The only problem was I did not have the handbook, but it wasn't that difficult to follow without it.

 by Paige Martin

This course was interactive. I learned many valuable tools to expand my skill-set.



 by Brandy G.W. Taylor

I recently started watching the Thursday afternoon free webinars. Thank you. I am researching more training to help continue my sanity or appearance of it.

 by Shirley Furr

I thought the course was very easy to follow, had a lot of good/useful information and was user friendly after figuring out how to get through the slides.

 by Toni Harper

The speaker Brendan is very personable and the stories make it relatable

 by Abayomi Davies

The videos shown were informative and training cost pricing was nice for me.

 by Brion Powell

Content was easy to understand. Videos showing crisis. Breakdown of information and strategies.

 by Dominic Timm

Very informative and easy to follow. I enjoyed the video examples.

 by Gloria Evans

This course really change my perception of crisis prevention. I wish they would've added this to my SCM course. now I feel so open minded and truly understand why some methods by themselves may or may not work but verbal interventions are the key to de-escalating crisis situations.

 by Kristin Schildmeyer

I thought Brennan did a great job of keeping it interesting and down to earth. Loved the examples and real language used.

 by Crystal Moss

The videos were very helpful.

 by Ron Oshima

I am just beginning in a field where I will likely face individuals in crisis s this information and the techniques offered was very helpful in understanding there are proven ways to bring a situatiion back to "baseline". I will review this material often and have made detailed notes to refer to to help me if and when a crisis situation arises. Though I understand that it is my responsibility when confronted with such a situation, techniques such as presented will go a long way in guiding me in the right direction. I didn't feel that this training was counter-intuitive, to the contrary I felt it enhanced many of the ways I felt I should react, though before, didn't know quite how to go about it. Thanks.

 by Celeste Yost

Good job and excellent training to use in all area of life not just at work.

 by Lark "Jay" Mathis

very informative, easy to follow...

 by Connie Crider

Thank you. Informative, I learned how to better perform my job.

 by Kristen Keel

I feel I am better prepared for crisis management after completing this course

 by Patricia Menhinick

Relly enjoyed the videos. Also appreciated that the video course was broken down into sections so I could stop and start as needed.

 by Ronnie Gwin

The examples that were given in the course was very realistic.

 by Sharon Rubischko

I liked learning about the techniques (verbal Intervention techniques, SOLVE solution, etc) as they are astructured way to manage a stressful crisis situation. Knowing what to do and how to approach an individual in need is so important to avoid what can be a very quick rise in risk of harm for all involved should the wrong things be said or done.

 by Sharon Whitehead

I enjoyed the video of the officer and kid on the skate board. It was a reflection on how not to excert authority.

 by Sorin Daniel-Ruin

It is my first course about crisis prevention and intervention and it was very helpful and interesting. Thanks !

 by Tammy Zelten

This was a GREAT course! I loved the instructor and the stories. I learned a great deal and I am very pleased!

 by Darleen Smith-Tartaglione

I was looking for a class and it answered what is cpit training test in de-escalation. This online course was extremely interesting, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and held my attention the entire time. Thank you!

 by Joshua L House

I really found this informative and beneficial to me. Better then what my employer has provided in the past for crisis prevention and non violent training.

 by Vickie Tobin

I really enjoyed the speaker and getting to hear about him and how the company came about. I really enjoyed the videos. I have recommended this nonviolent course to several co-workers. I will take the course again next year. Please email me.It was very very good.

 by Tharrie Evans

The videos were an excellent tool.

 by Shannon Howard

I realy enjoyed the speaker and the way he presented the material in an easy to follow manner. This course was not boring at all. He had my full attention every word that was spoken. I would add a few more video scenarios and show how the different intervention tools would work in each scenario step by step.

 by Ryan Bean

I believe the course is extremely helpful to every one from a Law Enforcement Officer to a banker. I enjoyed learning how to de escalate situations without having to go "hands on" and risk my safety, others safety, and the subjects safety. I feel like this is adding another tool to my duty belt. Maybe instead of going for my OC spray or Tazer I can go for my verbal de escalation techniques.

 by Nancy Weichbrodt

An absolutely informative well put together presentation that will be helpful in both my classroom or in unfortunate situations I might unknowingly be in. I learned so many non-violent techniques that I will be able to use. Thank you so much!

 by Melissa Harrison

This course exceeded my expectations. Hopefully it will help make me a better nurse.

 by Logan Kavalar

very interesting and videos clipshelp with attention

 by Carly Klein

enjoyed the use of videos

 by Donna Kimmeth

While much of this is common sense, I do believe it must be practiced. This course gave me a chance to think things through.

 by Elvis Dickson

I would like to say that Brendan is AWESOME! He is one of the few instructors who has been on the front line dealing with crisis situations. His resume and all his credentials speak for itself. I will continue to use Crisis Consultant Group, LLC as a training tool to keep my staff in compliance!

 by Laurie Mead

It was great, I plan to recommended it to my colleagues. I feel like this was one of the best verbal deescalation programs Ive been through.

 by Lawrence Mashburn

Great course, same information mostly, just presented in a new way.

 by Lisa Cleary

WOW! The Owner/Speaker is my HERO! Thanks for keepingUS SAFE! Your work history includingMilitary service...I'm speechless! You made the speech therapist speechless! I barely blinked through the whole course. You had my attention with your straight forward talk, videos andvideo feedback. I really liked that there were few slides with simple pictures all without too much made me want to listen to you more. I liked the sentence that you ever so casually started that went something like...Well back when I was on the swat team....i mean. WOW! How many people can start a sentence with that?? You've spent your whole life making a real difference. Captivating course and speaker!

 by Tracie Moore

I liked that the facilitator talked about his background and give some personal situations. I like the philosophy of CCG and I am looking forward to having my staff take the training as well.

 by Anja Blackadar

I hope to review this information again. I may also give you guys a call, as I have some concerns regarding issues I am self-aware about, and how they may come into play in de-escalating situations in my workplace. You may be able to suggest literature that could help me build my skill set and increase confidence.  I love learning about non violent ways to handle challenging persons!

 by Berta Nohemi Pacheco

I like the videos and the way the trainer explained it, and I like the SOLVE tecniques it work for me to apply it, and the five step of ERL.

 by Denisse Tovar

Providing own professional anecdotes from past experiences really helps to provide further context!!!

 by Johnetta Rice

I enjoyed the details of the course. Brilliantly expressed. Loved the videos. Great job.

 by Laurie Dougherty

I will use these skills in my practice.

 by Maria Angela Thea Engracia

I enjoyed the videos.

 by Paige Martin

Great. Hit on all the major marks of how to handle and a crisis with the goal of helping and not harming.

 by Stefanie Benayon

Overall very good! This is a good course to learn in order to prepare anyone for most career choices

 by Amanda Mulhern

I thought the videos were exceptionally helpful in giving accurate and realistic examples of what can happen.

 by Amy Bryant

Excellent insight to personal behavior with intelligent methods to intervene in crisis situations

 by Donna Hurley

The techniques were excellent, and applies to my current situation, personal and career.

 by Dr. Frank Serrano

I have participated in prior hands-on Crisis Prevention and Intervention Trainings, although I believe I gained a better grasp and understanding of the provided and practiced interventions to intervene and de-escalate a crisis.

 by Ishi Lind

I enjoyed the videos. They make the course a little fun to watch

 by Jennifer Wall

I really enjoyed this course and even have a few people in mind I would like to share this with. It has made me more aware of how I mange escalation at home with my kids as well as a preschool teacher. I hope to remember all I have learned and use the tools I have in the future.

 by Jessica Hardison

Very informative course. Not just for this job, but for life situations. I really appreciate learning nonviolent ways to de-escalate crisis. Thank you!

 by Laura Giroux

Enjoyed the videos. Pinky!

 by Patricia Jenkins

The course was very useful in that it gave specific interventions to be used to help to de-esculate crisis situations. I enjoyed the videos that were used to show problems that can occur in crisis situations.

 by Robin Lynne Myer

Very useful tools in daily life and examples of interventions.

 by Sharon Strickland

The course was wonderful. There were alot of wonderful tips that we tend to forget when in crisis situtations, most of them were a very good refresher course.. Thank you

 by Tamikia Hairston

I enjoyed the instructor. He was down to earth and was very realistic when discussing common issues that occur when dealing with individuals exhibiting escalating behaviors and in crisis.

 by Ariana Canales

I enjoyed the course and the fact it had questions in between modules. It helped keep me engaged.

 by Denise Rogatnick

This kept my interest. I have learned better techniques to address a crisis situation.

 by Edith Stevenson

This online course was very informative and provided strategies that are user friendly. It was really focused on law enforcement, juvenile... Thanks for a course well presented!

 by JoLinda Jackson

i felt like you could relate to real scenarios and appreciate the opportunities during the course to relate it specifically to myself and my own environment.

 by Karen Phillips

Very good content that emphasizes the importance of empathy and de-escalation for persons in crisis situation.

 by Tracey Dulaney

This course was WONDERFUL! I enjoyed the entire training. I have a very difficult time sitting still;therefore. I thought it was long but informative.

 by Daniel Bello

One of the things I enjoyed was how the course used different scenarios from the real world to explain crisis prevention training techniques, and broke down better ways to go about such kind of situations.

 by Gavin Owen

I enjoyed the real world video lessons and the in depth lessons

 by Hollie Steele

Everything was good. Liked the real life scenarios

 by Karen Suffern

I loved that the course was available online, asked questions after modules, and used videos for examples.

 by Rosalie Del Valle

I like the videos and how realistically crisis comes into play. I absolutely love the Pinky video and the way it was related to a crsis situations with deep meanings. I noticed the author has a lot of law experience and provided animated conversations and examples using his voice in many scenarios; they make a lot of sense.

 by Rose Kantanka

The course is very educative and informational,and every body need to have such courses in all walks of life because it is needed everywhere, homes, schools, hospitals, correction facilities,various work places etc

 by Tatiana Torres

great examples

 by Cara Hamlyn

I found this to be an excellent start for learning crisis prevention and intervention.

 by Gary Washington

The training course is very helpful in remind us there are techniques we can use to de-escalate a crisis situation that work if put into action.

 by Kathryn Russo

I liked the videos the best! They were very helpful.

 by Patricia Olin

Appreciated the layout as it was my first time taking it online and not in the classroom.

 by Bonnie Puckett

Thank You for acknowledging the need for responder safety too. This is so often over looked.

 by Claudia Beth Hughes

Good information good speakers and videos.

 by Diana Ayers

It gave me a better understanding of what I may come into contact with and how to react to de-escalate the situation. Very good course. Wish I had gotten the handbook. Thank you.

 by Kirsy Pupo Vazquez

Thank you very much for this courses. It is very helpful for a daily practice.

 by Mary Dyson

Thank you for the opportunity to take this course. Several aspects have changed since the last time I was in corrections over a decade ago. I learned a great deal and will use this information whenever I can.

 by Shelly Walters

I learned a great deal about self awareness and the De-escalation process throughout this course. Thank you

 by Stephanie Harrington

Excellent course! Very informative and can used effectively in my future healthcare experiences.

 by Debbie Thaxton

This course really enlightened me by helping me realize what more I need to do in stressful situations.

 by Chad Brown

Enjoyed the videos and really gained alot by looking to improve on myself. I have many things I need to change in order to better my "calming storms."

 by Jacqueline King

I have worked in places were staff definitely needed this course. I appreciate the reinforcement thatrespect is invaluable. Overall a great course for my field. Thank you!

 by Loretta Moore

course was enjoyable and informative I especially enjoyed the commentary with the videos

 by Pamela Harper

I did appreciate the focus on a mature and respectful approach to interactions in crisis mode and the need to maintain a calm attitude

 by Peggy Johnson

Appreciate how the hierarchy of needs was tied into the training, have found working with kids who have experienced trauma that the feeling of safety or lack thereof, is one of the key triggers for crisis.

 by Tanya Ebarb

Really enjoyed program

 by Angie Vasquez

Since this is my first course of this type of content, I feel the interventions can be used in all areas of my life. My son has autism, and he can escalate into a "crisis" very quickly. I feel most of these interventions will help me interact with him, as well as him learning to better deal with regulation of his emotions, especially in situations where he might feel overwhelmed.Using these techniques on a regular basis, I feel I will be more prepared to confidently handle any possible crisis situation, should one ever arise. Thank you so much for developing this course. It definitely has been educational, helpful& undeniably useful!

 by Andre Russell

I think this was a pretty good introduction for some and a refresher for others

 by Chelsea Reed

I enjoyed that the course was narrated somewhat off-script - it added a personal touch that made it easier to pay attention.

 by Jeanette Whitfeld

The videos assist in remembering points. Well organized and each part flows into the next for understanding. Both of the police videos were disturbing because of the way the African American men were treated.(I am anglo). I hope that it can be incorporated in your course that people with an 'agenda' will not be successful with crisis intervention prevention training. For this reason, de-briefing is an absolute must. It is excellent that you included the part of society that may be minimized: refugees, illegal aliens, developmental challenged, LGBTQIA. I did learn the importance of trauma in crisis intervention prevention certifications. Thanks for this. I had no idea and the cost was fair..

 by Jennifer Johnson

I have been taking courses like this for the past 18 years and this course was great. I learned a lot more information than I have before, which is sad. I liked the focus put on being aware of how my actions will impact the crisis situation. The only complaint I have is the sound. It seemed to go up and down as I progressed through the modules. Otherwise, it was great!

 by Justin Dittrick

I felt that the material was presented in a very engaging way. I appreciated the personal experience that the course instructor shared, as well as some of the challenges to expect (which encourage me to refine my own practice through consideration of differences between individuals and situations and to reflect on what might work with a diverse set of challenges in mind). The advice to become more self-aware is very much appreciated. Becoming aware of the dynamics at play and how one's personal rapport, attitude, and expression can contribute to the resolution of crises was invaluable for me.

 by Kerry Smith

The instructor captured my attention, by providing real-life situations and actions and made me think of how I currently respond to crisis situations and how I can respond better in the future.

 by Khilly Marwaha

I think crisis intervention is one the most important trainings that needs to be given to people working in this profession. This course speaks volumes.

 by Lizette Martinez

i felt this was a good experience for me and it showed me alot that i can use during in de-escalation.

 by Matthew Wright

Video were helpful and well communcated as good examples.

 by Shazia Akhtarullah

Specific details and examples provided were helpful.

 by Shelly Ray

I have worked in corrections nursing before, and was married to a law enforcement officer for 24 years. The time, effort, and techniques/approaches that you've built during your tenure, are a holistic approach. I appreciate the knowlege you've accrued, and are sharing with us, to help us provide better care, and do it more safely. This was a great class! I truly enjoyed it, and appreciate the insight.

 by Tom Singleton

Overall the course was put together well. Information flowed nicely. Given in an easy to understand format. Only improvement might be to reduce instructors background information and stream that part.

 by Christy Harless

I enjoyed this course in comparison to other previous courses. Content was thorough and explained well. Enjoyed the examples through videos which also helped me learn how to identify the problem, helped with identifying effective verses ineffective methods and what could have been done differently to be effective in the situation. Good content and delivery.

 by Mark Addison

The videos were a great reference and good to analyze on what happend and how to do better

 by Cindy Boehme

This is the first course I've taken and I was doing several things wrong. I want to continue training on this subject.

 by Danielle Simandl

Thank you for identifying the importance of self awareness

 by Jennifer Gsoell

I don't believe there is much that can be improved upon in this course with the exception of further learning as there are more advances in mental health treatments. I was impressed with Brandon's extensive knowledge due to his background in the fields of mental health, law enforcement, and the military and found all the information in this course extremely helpful and enlightening. Keep up the excellent work guys.

 by Jy'Isha Nieves

Very informative and helpful! The instructor was great and all course information/material will help me on the path to become a Crisis Intervention Specialist.

 by Kathleen Byrd

Very informative and well presented. Videos helped in understanding.

 by Laura Cahill

This was a great way to refresh my knowledge of Crisis Prevention and Interverntion because it could be done in my own time!

 by Leslie Knight

Personally can also help in everyday life

 by Neil Jobanero

Very helpful, Entertaining the best online course not boring at all

 by Nicole Lewis

It was very informative, I enjoyed the visuals charts and the acronyms.

 by Patricia Hankins

I enjoyed the learning process! Thank you! You made references so that I can further dive into information to customize my own personal approach(as we know, everyone's personalities are different). You refreshed and re-strengthened my skills in VIT and Active Listening and gave me peace of mind that I am proceeding correctly. I plan on letting my LEOs and the supervisors I preside over about this class and urge them to learn these techniques to diffuse situations they may encounter. Again, thank you

 by Yvette Mayes

I really enjoyed the videos

 by Beth Myers

Thank you! The course provided candid, solid examples based on the trainer's experiences that go a long way toward building rapport with students. Role modeling behaviors, tone, language was well done. If I recall correctly, at least two of the videos are also used by other trainers which helps to re-enforce key points. Re-enforcing key points is important because the language and approaches used by different trainers varies. For example, there seems to be no industry standard 'tools' SOLVE, Verbal Intervention etc. Each trainer seems to have their own approach, though the fundamentals of AL, Reframing, Summary, Empathy, Relationship and Rapport building are constant - of course with an eye for danger, possibility of physical encounter. Thank you for an unexpectedly good online training experience! My expectations for other trainings are now much higher 🙂

 by Brenetta Lee

Loved the intermittent videos...

 by Dameon Garrett

It was intriguing because this course went into depth about how you should respond and think about the person thats in crisis. On you are feeling and what your thinking because a lot of times you can de-escalate a crisis through verbal intervention strategies.

 by Emily Ivey

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I am a nurse, and needed CPIT training for nurses and this certification for works perfectly, but after completing the class I know I will be able to use this information in my day to day life, as my husband and I are in the process of becoming resource parents.

 by Emily Medlock

This course was helpful in conveying how to de-escalate situations while maintaining respect for all involved. The course instructor was interesting to follow, even through an online presentation. His passion and experience helped to translate the information and it's role is future situations.

 by Hillary Shryock

I very much learned some new techniques and am better able to realize how my actions or attitude is effecting the situations.

 by Minervia Wileman

I thought the course was interesting and provided excellent information. The presenter was enthusiastic and maintained my interest throughout the course.This course provided the best information for my profession and presents a positive and encouraging philosophy for crisis intervention all types of individuals and behaviors.


I enjoyed learning how there are different techniques to de-escalate a situation.

 by Stephen Williamson

The course was great. Used several videos that I had seen but this course gave me an understanding and wisdom of the actions that I had not recognized or heard before. This class has improved my knowledge more than an in-person class.

 by Devona Pierce

I really enjoyed learning about all the techniques for de-escalation.

 by Wendy Vyoral

This course pointed out from the beginning the concept of self-awareness and checking egos at the door. Not only is this concept useful in crisis prevention but also in professional roles as leaders.

 by Iris Saine

I enjoyed the personal experience, stories, and videos.

 by Gina Maske

Thank you very much. I was nice to have a teacher that is down to earth. it's also good to know that sometimes when I second guess myself it's a time I can learn from others and become a better me.

 by Dolly Coulter

First on-line Crisis Prevention Intervention course taken. It was very helpful.

 by April Carruth

I enjoyed the videos, it gave a break in the lecture, and kept me interested.

 by Angela Lester

The entire training was very helpful and informative. I did not have access to the book, and that may have added to the experience.

 by Amy Smith

Very informative course for nurses working in corrections.

 by Linda Johansson

Great course, convenient on-line. I enjoyed the examples, videos, and perspective of the course developer is in line with my own.

 by Pamina Udaya

I really enjoyed and learnt so many ideas to deal with the crisis.

 by Janet Klein

Handbook is an essential tool, was able to follow the course without interuption, found it very interesting and very easy listening, videos were enlightening. I really enjoyed this course, my contact Tracie was so nice and professional.

 by Jenelle Richards

Liked the videos, very detailed explanations of each slide

 by Raymeshia Roberts

The course was easy to follow and detailed. I look forward to learning how to execute this in greater proficiency.

 by Tammy Zelten

This was a GREAT course! I loved the instructor and the stories. I learned a great deal and I am very pleased!

 by Bruny Morley

I loved the videos, I would like to see more.It would be interesting to see an bad example and then show it how it could it been handled. I really liked Brendan, he really knew his stuff.

 by Tom Stiles

I was shopping for CPIT training for teachers and decided to try you crisis prevention training online course. This was perfect for my needs, thanks.

 by Betty Walthall


 by Nancy Parks

I found this couse to be very informative and helpful. It was somewhat of a review for me but had some points I had forgotten. I would recommend it to others that would like to add to their skillset.

 by Erik Bumbulis

As An RN in a prison hospital I get to care for mental health / severe psychiatric patients. Many tools I can use to improve outcomes. Self awareness and situational awareness I will work on. I benefited from hearing how to address a situation. I liked the videos.

 by Richard Brumm

I have been able to use this information in the workplace in real life situations and have found it useful and applicable.

 by Brenda Toone

I need more practice. Wish the book was mandatory, because I would like to purchase the book to go back and review many of the concepts. Would love to take more courses; and would love to learn much more!

 by Gina Williamson

I think that the breakdown of the videos are helpful. I personally find real life application through visualization more helpful than just continual listening/viewing a slide. Work said I needed a crisis prevention training test and this worked. Thanks for the course!

 by Margaret DeGonzalez

Thank you for the time, research, and development that went into designing this course! I appreciate all the information provided/presented here & will take the techniques and skills learned here forward with me throughout my life, and will remind myself to continually review the information. I'm so glad I ordered the handbook!!. I also appreciate the advice threaded throughout the course about knowing myself, and working on myself, for that is indeed paramount in responding to a crisis situation. Thank you!!

 by Selah Meyer

I come from a hospital where we as staff in the ER are routinely being threatened by patients, and some staff members have become concussed, hit, punched, spit on, kicked, etc. so we tend to be very proactive in regards to restraining patients. However, I have seen recently that perhaps we have been a little heavy handed and your program could help our staff and our patients. The fact that Brendan King is the real deal, and has extensive real-world experience with this makes it credible. Thanks for making a great program.

 by Ricci Hale

This course provided detailed examples of statements and tools that can be implemented in my position as an ER Psychiatric Nurse, some of which I have already had the opportunity to utilize with patients after having gone through the material over the past few days. It really is an 'updated' version of the training I have had in the past. It was very easy to understand, and the examples were realistic, coming from the instructor who has a tremendous amount of experience in crisis interventions. I plan on reviewing all of the material in this course soon, as I do believe the more frequently reviewed, the better I will be in handling crisis situations, which makes for a safer environment for everyone. Great job!

 by Linda Morrison

I have worked in a psychiatric hospital for 17 years. We have had several different coures but none that was this good. I moved to anther state and will be working in a prison through a travel agency. The prison requirers this course. I will certainly tell them this course is the best and they should keep this as a work requirerment. Thank you so much.

 by Navey Cov

Thank you! I had a cpi certificate in the past and this was a good alternative.

 by Gabrielle Lewis

Awesome job, course was very informative.

 by Jo Lynn Jones

The instructor hands down kept me attentive the whole time. Unlike last on site class I took and couldnt stay awake

 by Kathy Sullens

Content was a great learing tool for my job and other crisis intervention that I can use in many situations

 by June Lewis

Enjoyed the fact that I completed this training at my desk, facilitator was very clear and concise.

 by Darlene Cardott

This course was very helpful and interesting. I liked how videos of actual occurances were used.

 by Edgar Woods

Needed cpi class... Informative course...will high recommend!

 by Nadine Elsworth

MY husband and I teach self defence and some of the material we have created is similar. I appericate the different ways to deal with families in a crisis at my work. Thanks!!

 by Nancy Graham


 by Patrick Williams

Even though it was an online course, it was easy to stay engaged and on target with the instructor. Loads of great information that I will use in my every day practice.

 by Julia Ardolf

Entertaining with new and better approaches than I've seen in the past. I had been cpi trained in the past. I feel this will improve my safety at work and my ability to be the person on the team who can step up and deescalate a person in crisis.

 by Pauline Elliott

Needed Crisis Prevention card. Enjoyed the program / no improvement needed

 by Rebecca Collins

I enjoy the video given during the course and the intervention technique 5 tips to de-escalation. this class was very good.

 by Heather James

I appreciated the "real life" scenerios and would have liked some more of that type of training. Handbook was helpful and presenter was engaging and presented material in an effective manner.

 by Stephanie Jones

This course was very informative... It helped understand how important your own nonverbal and verbal communication is.

 by Christina Cruz

course was helpful narrator did great in providing example and changed his tone of voice to help the listener understand the different ERLS as if thought the listener was in a crisis intervention. Helpful examples where shown threw videos. I needed a crisis prevention certificate course and this was perfect.

 by Marie-Lise LeBlanc-Carrière

I enjoyed the video and follow up afterwards.

 by Debi Randolph

I found it interesting and informative. I was looking for a crisis prevention intervention training class and found this.

 by Jenell Newport

This course should be recomended to healthcare staff. I've been in many situations where this information would have helped in a variety of situations. I will be making referrals to this program. Thank you!

 by Candice Gupton

This is a new environment that I will be working in, so I felt this crisis training online style course was extremely helpful in how to deal with inmates that I will be working with. I will continue to review these strategies, because they are also helpful in day to day life.

 by Georgette Price

I enjoyed the videos to give some visual examples. Similar to cpi courses I had in the past but more concise.

 by Tonya Fisher

This couse was very helpful in giving me information about how to deal with others in the kind of enviroment I work. It helped me se that not situations ahve to end with violence

 by Kathy Lee

It was nice to find an online resource for a certificate that was full of good information!

 by Valerie Williams

I have taken two other courses for a crisis prevention intervention certificate. This course covered more thoroughly the verbal de-escalation techniques. The other certified cpi courses were more about the physical restraints and manual holds. I am very glad to have taken this crisis training course. I came away with a better way of dealing with my aggressive and agitated patients. Thank you.

 by Cynthia Washington

The course was original and interesting

 by Joshua Hettrick

It was very informative and I learned quite a bit. Thank you for this certification online.

 by Kathy Caudill

I enjoyed the course.

 by Elizabeth Pierce

The content was the most up to date with the different populations than past courses, I learned alot about myself!  I have had training near me before, and this was far better I believe and very convenient to learn online. Thank you!

 by Chrisellyn Higgs

I enjoyed the videos which gave good examples of how not to handle a crisis situation. I liked the various techniques that was provided for handling a crisis situation effectively. I also liked the explanation of why the techniques are more effective than techniques that would have been embraced and taught in the past.

 by Joycelyn Smith

Very informative. I learned things I didn't know.

 by Belinda Jeavins

thank you

 by Griselda Archuleta

I enjoyed the videos! Comparable to crisis prevention certification courses I have taken.

 by Brandi Sheppard

thank you

 by Donna Zaccagnini

This course was most informative and showed the human side of all situations. I am in the medical field and plan on going to Lebanon to assist with the refugee crisis and start my mission work journey. I am 5'5" weight is 118. For me to have learned the basics here today to get me through several different types of situations eased my concerns knowing i have the tools to communicate with empathy and compassion and respect. I also know when things are escilating so i know what should be done next to help decrease the crisis situation.Thank you so much for your professionalism and your human touch in teaching this very important material for all to remain safe. Donna Zaccagnini RN CCM Donna Zaccagnini RN CCM

 by Jean Campbell

It was very informative and will be helpful in preparing for a change in mycareer. It has made me more aware of my attitude and my reactions to situations. It was presented very well and easy to understand. Many coworkers are trained and have crisis training, so this was helpful to take.

 by Deena Shaw

Love the convenience and information presented. I have taken crisis training near me in the past and this was a great option.

 by Gerald Garcia


 by Haley Quinn

i enjoyed it

 by Charles Harmon

I liked the detailed outline, infographics and stories associated with each module. I have seen crisis prevention intervention courses offered before, and I am glad I took this one.

 by Andrea Harris

I enjoyed listening to the speaker and all the info. I would so recommend u to others. As a former CPI class graduate, this class was very helpful. Thank so much

 by Ashley Hines

I found the course very interesting and informative.

 by Brandi Bera

very informative

 by Elizabeth McCarty

I enjoyed the format, the speaker was informative AND entertaining! Best cpi class I have taken. Thank you so much

 by Matthew Arrington

I liked being able to do it at my own pace

 by Annie Olsen-Meehan

This was a good beginners course. I had CPI training near me in the past, this online course was very comparable. Nothing I would add or change.

 by Constance Williams-Chance

I enjoyed taking this course it was interesting,informative. The instruction was both informative and the instructor use the right humor,tone in confaying the information. I guess the only thing I would change if it could be a little more interactive.

 by Charmika Orumah

It was GREAT!!!

 by Melinda Farmer

Really enjoy this course. Loved that it was not boring. Getting cpi trained is a great add-on for my resume.

 by Estela Nova

It was awesome!! Thanks, I really enjoyed using the cat to explain behavior approaches!

 by Edgar Onia

Excellent course!! Informative. Useful techniques.

 by Cheyenne Utt

Course was very helpful and interesting. It gave me alot of information that I can use at my current job and in my future.

 by Crystal Medlin

This was a great training and I am grateful for Mr. King's shared insight and expertise. CPI's blue card is expensive so this was perfect.

 by Sonja Richards

Studying PsychNursing, I don't remember getting into all the detail your couse made the information more valuable.

 by Robyn Springs


 by Chris Clash

Change Nothing It Was BANGARANG!

 by Darryl Shade

This certificate course is very unique and informative. I was wondering how to get certification online and this cpi trainer was outstanding.

 by Caroline Omari

I enjoyed learning about the various techniques of de-escalation and becoming a certified cpi practitioner. I am confident that if I review once in every few weeks plus practice i will be a better person in handling crisis intervention prevention training verbally to keep everyone safe. I needed certification online, thank you.

 by Jenny Edwards

I enjoyed the audio and visual aspects of the course and how everything had practical examples or real life scenarios. I needed to get my training online for my job and this was a perfect fit.

 by Tanya Blankenship

I found the ERL model very helpful and think it will be very helpful in crisis situations to help you to communicate to otherstaff that come into the situation not really knowing what is going on. Being able to say one word to them and them be on the same page will be very helpful.

 by Beverly Smith

Really enjoyed the videos! Helped to understand the basic fundamentals of the program.

 by Braedon Watts

I enjoyed being able to break it up and not have to complete the training in onesit down.

 by Deena Shaw

Love love the convience and information presented

 by Anita Martin

Great information. Very helpful

 by Emily Binkley

It was very through and I will be able to use these techniques in the future

 by Smriti Shahi

Just about right amount of information in this crisis training. Other certification cost more than this course.  Thank you.

 by Michael Hausser

I needed to renew my certificate, but came across your site. Good course, good content. Thank you.

 by Nicole Teague

Videos helped with understanding concepts of the course

 by Lemi Dosa

I needed a cpit course and was happy to take this one. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

 by Donald Morrissey

I learned many good things from Your course and will suggest it to others.

 by Rebecca Paige Keen

I was especially impressed with the wisdom and common sense techniques taught in the deescalation modules. I appreciate the idea of treating the individuals in crisis fairly and not boxing them in/not causing them further damage. This was the most interesting deescalation classes I have taken so far in my career. I have had a certification cost a lot in the past and your pricing is fair. Thank you for your teaching style which kept me interested the during every crisis prevention intervention training module!

 by Felix Tarnue

the course was very helpful, it will help me become a better person in my personal life. I was told to get cpi trained for my job, but this was a fun course. thanks.

 by Bonnie Foster

Liked the course. Great examples of crisis prevention intervention training provided in the video.

 by Stormi Reynolds

I think this course was great and cant think of any ways to improve

 by Brian Shaw

Very informative

 by Kaleen Cooper

Learned new ways to diffuse situations.

 by Rebecca Singletary

good learning course

 by Tyler Norton

This was user friendly.

 by Susan Swick

i enjoyed the videos. they were very helpful to see something visual and put it with the text

 by Alison Faria

I very much enjoyed the balance of lecture and media, though I would suggest adding more videos if possible. Thank you for providing a truly wonderful course!

 by Diane Chernish

You did a great job for an online experience. I have had cpi courses and other crisis training in the past. This was great.

 by Josie Miller

Excellent course, great training online.

 by Lynette Shuster

Thank you very much. This helped and will be useful in my profession as well as day to day living. My coworkers have had cpi courses before and this was very well done.

 by Karina Spaugh

thanks guys. I was told to get crisis prevention card and I know you are a different company, but this was perfect.

 by Nicholas Chauvin

The material was presented in a very clear and concise manner. I enjoyed the video clips and I appreciated how well the Pinky video lined up with the presented theories. Most of all, I enjoyedthe instructors mock-scenarios (back and forths with himself) as this greatered my understanding by demonstratingreal life situations that I can realistically see myself being in. Great course!

 by Santoria Burton

Course was very detailed and was not as much as cpi's course.

 by Lamlani Mtombeni

It was good to see different methods and techniques of deescalating a client. Good use of videos, add more videos for online learners.

 by Sheila Sines

I was CPI trained in the past, and this was definitely better. This course was very informative and I have a better understanding of how to handle any type of crisis.

 by Benjamin Shulz

Good job, works as well as other cpi classes I have taken in the past. Crisis prevention intervention certification online is not easy to find and your crisis prevention certification is perfect for my needs. Thanks.

 by Holly Comer

I really enjoyed this class. I needed training online but found this course instead. Contained lots of useful information and easy to understand.

 by Michelle Milligan

I enjoyed learning the 5 stages of a crisis and how to react to them. I would have loved to have seen this in person!

 by Alicia Kornegay

Great inservice

 by Elizabeth DeSpain

I like the idea of choices and not limit setting. The approaches taught in this program is so realistic and so needed. I don't know that I could think of a way to improve on this.

 by Vince Heard

It was very informative and was what I needed for crisis prevention intervention training.

 by Mary Payne

Great job! Interesting and engaging crisis prevention training online.

 by Shion Kydd

I loved that it was straight to the point and super easy to understand. I would definitely recommend to my colleagues.

 by Brooke Martin

The speaker was very engaging and relatable. Perfect downloadable crisis prevention intervention certificate. Great online training instead of trying to find certification near me. Handy renewal for crisis prevention training online.

 by Mary Ellen Colonna


 by In Lim

Thank you!

 by Andrew Romanoff


 by Evelyn Ramos

I enjoyed the combination of visuals, verbal, and real life clips to demonstrate the material. It is a fair online training cost.

 by Missy Brimer

The videos were helpful in visualizing the subject matter.

 by Tommy Sue Wojnarowski

Its a good course, perfect online training for nurses or other health care professionals.

 by Michele Stewart

I think the presenter's examples of real life situations via video as well as personal experience were great. You can tell this guy is good at what he does and am glad to see that he started this company.

 by Kim Gallego

Nice pace

 by William Shinn

It was fun.

 by Andrew Boo Dellinger

I was very impressed by the course content and its presentation. Brendan King delivers an exceptional blend of anecdotal experience, rigorous analysis, and tactical theory in a manner that is both concise and consistently engaging. CCG's Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training represents the most authentic coursework I have encountered in this field, and I would unreservedly recommend their training products to anyone interested in strengthening his or her de-escalation skillset.

 by Alexa Ball

THe videos were helpful, and the exercises of reviewing them.

 by Felicia Davis Smith

The course provided was very informative and entertaining. I especially liked how the videos examples were used to illustrate the how the techniques would be used in a crisis situation. Great online training for teachers to get certified easily.

 by David Ovchinikov


 by Wendy Martinez

Love it, very helpful even for my own family (teen)

 by Teresa Howard

very helpful

 by Donna Garcia

I appreciated the variety of learning techniques.

 by Mindy Ha


 by Jonathan Whited

cant wait to take more

 by Sabrina Barnett

Ilike that it is online and that you are able to review the course material.

 by Shelby Fondal

everything was informative

 by Mike Koumantzelis

the videos are nice it helps put things into prespective

 by Julia Wirth

I loved the course! It got me to think and will help me so much in crisis situations and even day to day life. As a future police officer, I am passionate about helping people and this course equipped me to do that better. My only disappointment is that the class is over... but I am hoping to take more classes in the future! Brendan King had just the right amount of humor thrown in as well and the video clips were thought-provoking. Thank you all at CCG so much!!

 by Tracie Rogers

It was well done and the material was presented in a practical way with quality examples.

 by Lauren Martinez

I thought the presenter was knowledgable and kept my attention throughout the course! I learned many tips and skills for de-escalation and non violent interventions.  Thank you!

 by Rachel Postma

I appreciated that the instructor shared his own experiences, this made it interesting because I could tell he was passionate about this, and it was very relatable. I also liked the use of video examples, that was a very effective was to learn and prove a point. Thank you!

 by Bonnie Hunt

The videos were very helpful

 by Debbie Sundgren

The examples provided were enormously helpful.

 by Patricia Dycus

Totally informed and Mr. king is entertaining!

 by Paul Terailleur

informative information that will help to prevent issues

 by Zenobia Groves

I thought the course was very informative, full of relevant information.

 by Connie Rosenberry

One word AMAZING!!!!

 by Yezenia Picado

very informative, providing sample really helps

 by Tracy Stonge

This course was easy to understand and full of examples. The self-paced program was convenient!

 by James Reddig

This was my first experience in crisis training and found it eye opening to recognize degrees of trauma. I will definately be more sensitive to peoples emmotional state and be more conscious of my interaction with them.

 by Shena McFadden

Great Training

 by Shenika Hatcher

This course was very informative much different from my first course from another company 1 year ago.

 by Christina Welt-Lake


 by Orandra Cotton

excellent instructor; good graphical content

 by Lianne DelaLuz

enjoyed the videos

 by Kenyatta Mcleod

Great course! thank you for making this effienct and easy.

 by Ben Rader

Hands on and practical. Nice balance in emphases on BOTH client rights AND responder rights! The emphasis on "choice" underscored the respect this model has for clients, which ironically is not evident in courses that over-emphasize CLIENT rights but not responder rights. This model conforms to the principles of Individual Psychology (Adler) and could serve to augment training for practiioners who value democratic principles with regards to treatment and social wellness.

 by Sandra Laita

a very good review for me !

 by Andrea Hipolito

Thank you!

 by Bill Teeters

I enjoyed the course very much and found new and useful ways to help with both staff and the clients in their abilities to avoiding physical confrontations that may arise. Should those confrontations be inevitable, the de-briefing parts of the training will be very useful for all.

 by Kenisha Thomas

enjoyed the content.

 by Elena Alechina

Thanks for the course!

 by Dana Ferragamo

Great Course! Thank you!

 by Bethany Nunn

I loved the course and that I was able to complete at home during my own time.

 by Laura Gillis

It was a good course that met my expectations.

 by Aleah Patterson

Thank you for the course! It was very informative and I enjoyed the dialogue while listening. It made the video's enjoyable to watch and sit through.

 by Lakenderia Albert

I really enjoyed this course. The examples were really helpful and the instructor did a great job. It was a little longer than I would have liked, but well worth it.

 by Jason Seymour


 by Dania Delgado

The verbal teaching is great.Was clear and understandable! Makes it easier to understand and remember..

 by Evan Cason

I thought it was very interesting. I didnt get bored like in other crisis classes.

 by Cynthia Mclean

thank you

 by Jaime Apostol


 by Rosemary Klein-Robbins

Your SOLVE method made a lot more sense than what I had been using.  The Emotional Response Level model also saves time and maintains safety with only a few words.

 by Joseph Kennedy

great class!  one of the best nonviolent trainings I have taken.

 by Tamara Duncan

This was a very informative training!

 by Tammy Pryor

I learned several ways I can help deescalate a crisis situation.

 by Mackenzie Campbell

This was a good course. Thank you.

 by Cynthia Kinser

Very informative

 by Dana Moody

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm through out the course and all of the videos that were provided to help reinforce the information provided. I also found it helpful to answer questions through out the course to help me better understand the information I was learning about non-violent crisis de-escalation.

 by Shayne Clapper

This course was interesting and informative. Not at all boring. Great techniques for deescalation.

 by Thadius Berntt

It was a pleasure, thx

 by Yanet Sotolongo

Thank you , everything was perfect and understanding

 by Sonya Robinson

Great class!

 by Lyndi Hausmann

Very informative course with a relatable and intelligent instructor.

 by Jacalyn Cleary

Gave many great examples and different situations where haven taken a training test would come in handy

 by Jason Seymour


Straight and to the point! Thanks Jason!

 by Tracie Oakcrum

Everyone should be required to take this course at some point! The techniques were described in detail, in a clear, easy to understand manner. As both a teacher, and a mother, I can see a use for many of the strategies presented in my every day life. While a few of the tips reinforced things I already knew (but need to remember to implement), there were also new strategies and thought processes presented that I can implement in my day to day life to de-escalate verbal challenges and keep them from becoming physical. Self-awareness is definitely key, and this class taught me lots of places that I can improve. Thanks for a great, informative and entertaining course! Highly recommend!

Thanks for the great feedback Tracie! Glad you enjoyed the course!

 by John Henkel

I found the course well thought out and easily understoood. It parallels mental health and Disability training. Thanks

 by Sean Osborne

Great Class!

 by Bethany Nunn

I loved the course and that I was able to complete at home during my own time.

 by Jimmy Allen

enjoyed the pace and ability to pause

 by John Eslinger

Excellent course. Perfect examples of how to avoid using any type of restraint.

 by Michelle Garrett

I have taken many courses like this over 32 years of mental health nursing. It is always refreshing to hear new content and fresh ideas. Thank you

 by Piero Guido

Things that I enjoyed about the course were the modules that were easy to read and understand with Brandon. Made learning fun and straight to the point about what he was talking about. Videos were a big help as well with Pinky the cat, the traffic stop, the new rookie officer finger printing the arrested suspect, and Officer Riveria from the Baltimore Police Dept. I will take his advice to heart and continue with it in my daily life as well as with dealing with upset citizens writing parking tickets and when I apply for security/corrections in the future.

 by Bill Teeters

I enjoyed the course very much and found new and useful ways to help with both staff and the clients in their abilities to avoiding physical confrontations that may arise. Should those confrontations be inevitable, the de-briefing parts of the training will be very useful for all.

 by Devin Dugi

Instructor was very knowledgeable and relatable. Also kept audience engaged and left a lasting impact.

Thank you Devin! Glad you enjoyed it!

 by Sally Frankel

The instructor gave real life events that occurred to make the training real and to better understand how important this training is.

 by Luisana Zacarias

I really enjoy this training everytime. I feel more and more confident that I can handle crisis situations and have a positive outcome.

Awesome to hear Luisana! Thank you for the feedback!

 by Tyler Hoyt-Moon

One of the better nonviolent CPIT courses I have taken! Wish I could take it in person.

 by Lorraine De Felice

This is an excellent online course. This is the second time I have completed this course and I have been pleased to see that it has been updated to include refugees and the LGBTQ community. I would consider other online courses offered by your organisation.

 by Litonia Landry

Loved the videos and very informative.

 by Kayla Hamm

I really enjoyed all the intervention tools that were given in great detail.

 by Joshua Mott

I've taken multiple versions of the crisis prevention intervention courses including the nationally promoted CPI course of non-violent intervention. Their course is only good in theory in the classroom, and even that is a stretch of the true. Using their techniques I have had my jaw broken, had a concussion, and multiple bruises and scraps. Ive had knives pulled out on me. The calm every storm approach through this group does appear to be realistic and can actually be used in the real life settings. I appreciate learning from another military member who can appreciate the training that is proposed and drilled into our muscle memory. I usually hate these type of classes because they are usually so theoretical and out of touch with the real world it upsets me. I watched and listened to every second of this course and even took notes. Thanks a ton.

 by Jolinda Jackson

I usually take a 3 day in-class course (for the past 4 years) and was finally allowed an online course. Although this course was much shorter than the courses i had taken before, i feel that i got more out of it for a variety of reasons. One was that i felt the instructor actually had a wide variety or REAL experiences in crisis which is not something i felt with others. Also, something that this course did that the others did not was make me look at myself. I admit i need some self-awareness and between that and offering choices versus limits, i think i took much more away with this course than previous ones and i thank you for that.

 by Jerrenda Guidry

I really enjoyed thecourse I was able to take in the knowledge because he spokeclearly alsothe videos and explanations were awesome. Thankyou.

 by Jenny McGee

Speaker is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to listen to, not mundane. This course helped me save $1,000 compared to other available courses, thanks!

 by Courtney Santos

It was very interesting, easy to understand and follow course - which is important when dealing with people from all walks of life and careers. I also like how credit and understanding is given to the responders because its easy to feel as if our own rights aren't taken into account in the work place. I highly recommend their classes.

 by MO'min Alzyoud

First of all, I want to thank CCG for being very honest and professional, the course was amazing and I got lots of new information and knowledge out of this course. The most beautiful fact was the instructor, he really knows a lot about de-escalation & non violent techniques, and he has a lot to offer. His way of teaching and passing his experiences was great and amazing.  I enjoyed his way of teaching and I felt it was one of the best teaching methods I have studied. I needed CPIT classes near me and I would recommend this course to become certified and I would take more courses with this wonderful organization. Thank you very much and I'm happy to be one of your students.

Thank you Mo'min! We appreciate your comments and are so glad you enjoyed the course!

 by CR

I chose this course as it was referred to by a family friend who works in the field. I am being encouraged to get certification in dealing with our 13 year old son who has been living in residential 'school's for the past 6 years and has behavioral issues, often requiring restraint. I heard about cpit training online so I thought I would try this. I feel that this course has helped me to have a better understanding of understanding the cycle of crisis and after taking the trainings course, I have more confidence that I will be able to hopefully successfully verbally de-escalate situations with my son. Thank you for offering this outstanding crisis prevention training I have found it very helpful!

Thank you! Awesome to hear that you gained so much!

 by Chelsea

I loved this course!  The training was realistic to the types of situations myself and my coworkers are in on a daily basis. This wasn't like other crisis training courses I have taken in the past that were dry and quite frankly not helpful!  Highly recommended for getting your certificate when you need a cpit certification card for work.

Woo hoo! Glad to hear! Thank you Chelsea!

 by Joshua

I've taken multiple trainings and versions of the crisis prevention intervention certification training courses before including the other nationally promoted one, (name withheld). That company's course is only good in theory in the classroom, and even that is a stretch of the truth. Using (name withheld) techniques I have had my jaw broken, had a concussion, and multiple bruises and scraps. I've had knives pulled out on me. The Calm Every Storm approach through from this company does appear to be realistic and can actually be used in real life settings. I also appreciate learning from another military member who can appreciate the crisis training that is proposed and drilled into our muscle memory. I usually hate these types of classes because they are usually so theoretical and out of touch with the real world. I watched and listened to every second of this course and even took notes. Thanks a ton, I'm glad I found this when looking for nonviolent classes.

Joshua - Thank you for your excellent feedback and comparison to other competitor courses. Best of luck!

 by Riana

I enjoyed that the program was broken down in to different sections and that you are able to stop and start as needed. It is handy that you have a book in front of you that you can always reference back to plus the slideshow as well. Having the crisis prevention training certification program online crisis intervention certification helps with flexibility! Also it is a great value compared to the certified training cost as well as other programs.

Glad to hear that the online option worked for you Riana! Thank you!


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