Frequently Asked Questions2023-02-21T13:47:54-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has CCG Been In Business?2023-11-23T10:08:05-05:00

The Crisis Consultant Group, LLC has been in existence since March 2004.  What began as just an idea and attempt to empower those that work with individuals in crisis, has grown into a small, yet extremely successful company, helping make the world a bit safer.  Having reached nearly 400,000 students at the time of this writing, the Calm Every Storm, Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training® curriculum is widely recognized as the most realistic, most effective, and safe de-escalation and crisis prevention training in the industry.  Training events have stretched across the USA, into Canada, and internationally.  For examples of who we have served click HERE.

How Do I Get My Certificate?2018-09-25T16:46:18-04:00
  • Downloadable version – You will be able to download your certificate from your student “Dashboard” upon completion of your course
  • Hard-copy version – Certificates are included in the course handbook if purchased with your course (optional)

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Does This Training Align With Joint Commission and Other Standards?2018-09-25T16:47:45-04:00
  • Yes!
  • Find out more about how our curriculum aligns with Best Practices HERE

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Will I Get A Blue, Red, or Grey Card After This Course?2023-11-23T10:16:05-05:00
  • We provide CERTIFICATES with our training, not “cards” of any color
  • Our certificates are individualized to the student, show date, course length, & description
  • Our training is currently widely utilized and accepted across the USA, Canada, and Internationally*
  • More alignment information: HERE)

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*CCG cannot guarantee that every workplace organization will accept our certification– Please check with your employer prior to purchase if you have concerns.  Please note that refunds are NOT provided for organizational refusal of acceptance.

How Long Does My Certificate Last?2018-09-25T16:56:28-04:00
  • All certifications provided by CCG last for ONE year
  • If you order the “Additional Year” option during checkout, you will be notified when its time to renew

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I Need “CPI Training” Is This It?2023-11-23T10:18:20-05:00
  • We offer “Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (CPIT)® which is our unique curriculum built to teach you how to de-escalate crisis situations through non-aggressive, and non-violent verbal intervention techniques.  Our methods have been utilized across the USA and Internationally for just under 20 years
  • There are a number of vendors providing “Crisis Prevention & Intervention” training, any of which you may choose to meet your specific needs
  • Many trainings will have similar names/initials due to all of us focusing on the prevention of crisis situations, etc. and management of aggressive and/or challenging behavior
  • Over 20 years ago we decided there needed to be other alternatives in the “Crisis Prevention” industry aside from the vendors that existed at that time
  • We have risen to be one of the leaders in this industry through our more realistic, more effective, and safer methodology

More questions? Shoot us an email at: [email protected] –  we are happy to discuss it!

Will My Employer or State Accept This Training?2020-03-13T14:17:26-04:00

Great question!

  • 99.5% of our students can answer YES!
  • We have been utilized all over the United States, in Canada, and the USVI (at the time of this posting 9-2018)
  • Our training is in compliance with Joint Commission, CARF, DOE, CWLA, and related Best Practices and Accreditation guidelines, and has been in use around the United States since 2004
  • If you have concerns about approval, we recommend you check with your organization, and/or your employer/State prior to purchase, as laws and expectations change which are beyond our control
  • We do NOT offer refunds for our online training courses

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