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With over 2 decades of experience working on the front lines dealing with crisis situations in Mental Health, USMC, Law Enforcement and Tactical Operations, CEO and Founder, Mr. Brendan King has made his passion his mission. Training around the globe, he has dedicated his life towards trying to help others stay safe amidst chaos. Information, perspectives, and ideas are considered "a" way, not the "only" way. Feedback is always welcome. Please email him through this site.

Getting To Know Ourselves & De-escalation

This episode covers the importance of getting to know ourselves and what we "bring" to a crisis encounter.  Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence is one of the keys to resolving conflict. Great lessons from Dr. John Maxwell. Join CEO and Founder, Brendan King and Master Instructor, Howie Scott for the discussion on these factors. Length @30 Minutes. Recorded 9.10.2020

Getting To Know Ourselves & De-escalation2021-01-26T13:50:03-05:00

What Coronavirus Means For De-escalation Practitioners

Needless to say, the threat is here in the USA from Coronavirus, (COVID-19) and regardless of how you may or may not be preparing for your own potential infection, we want to take a minute to discuss the impact it may have in regards to dealing with unexpected crisis situations, in places you may not expect. Consider the fallout across China when the news started to break of the possible epidemic. Videos came pouring in of grocery stores, hospitals, transportation centers, etc of individuals beginning to scream, yell, hit, and kick each other over getting the last of the supplies.  The [...]

What Coronavirus Means For De-escalation Practitioners2020-03-06T23:37:29-05:00

Active Threat Response – Tips For Human Resource Professionals

We encourage all HR professionals to consider the impact of Active Threat Response training for your organization.  Most often, managers, supervisors, and leaders in Human Resource positions not only have to make critical personnel decisions, but also help organizations prepare, mitigate, and navigate crisis events. With the numerous incidents of workplace violence and active shooter / active threat events happening on a near daily basis, CCG has prepared a quick infographic to provide some of the best tips and considerations for those in HR and leadership to consider. Please contact CCG for further information on how we can assist your organization [...]

Active Threat Response – Tips For Human Resource Professionals2019-08-19T23:55:08-04:00

Human Factors and Sentinel Events: Death and Permanent Loss

Human Factors - Sentinel Events: Death and Permanent Loss The Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation just released its latest findings on Sentinel Events.  Here at CCG we always make sure to study the results and attempt to determine how these results can impact and improve our training curriculum to better serve our clients. In the latest data reported, there was information provided purporting how "Human Factors" resulted in death or loss of function as they were considered a "root cause". The JC defined "Human Factors" as: "Staffing levels, staffing skill mix, staff orientation, in-service education, competency assessment, staff supervision, resident supervision, [...]

Human Factors and Sentinel Events: Death and Permanent Loss2016-02-09T22:07:43-05:00

Conflict Resolution – Preventing Tragedy In The Workplace

Conflict Resolution - Preventing Tragedy In The Workplace Understanding patterns of escalation and utilizing preventative measures to resolve conflict in the workplace should be an ongoing component of any workplace violence prevention training curriculum. Much has been said in recent times regarding what we as a society should be doing to try and prevent, deter, or otherwise stop Active Shooter (AS) and similar workplace violence incidents. One key component to this effort should be that we spend considerable time and energy learning how to recognizing crisis behavior and conflict long before an individual decides to act out. This can be achieved [...]

Conflict Resolution – Preventing Tragedy In The Workplace2014-08-02T01:23:31-04:00

Active Shooter Response – Playing the Odds

Active Shooter Response - The Findings from a Master Instructor Why don’t we seem to be making an impact on the number of active shooter incidents that are happening? Are we focused in the wrong areas? Possibly. Is it because there are major breakdowns in our mental health, corrections, and safety programs? Acknowledged. Is it because we don’t have dedicated people and first responders trying to prevent these situations from occurring? No. We do have that. We can all answer these questions fairly quickly and easily, yet it is something deeper and something less easy to admit out loud. We simply [...]

Active Shooter Response – Playing the Odds2014-03-28T05:27:22-04:00

Crisis Intervention Techniques – Setting Boundaries

Crisis Intervention Techniques – Setting Boundaries Starting my professional career in the mental health industry as a psych-tech when I was 19 years old, I had no real idea of the challenges that I would encounter working with Dually Diagnosed and At-Risk Youth. I had no real understanding of what crisis intervention techniques were. I knew I wanted to help kids get on the right path, and find the hope they needed to move through adversity. What I didn’t know was just how exhausting trying to help them would be. Over 20 years later, I can look back and see how [...]

Crisis Intervention Techniques – Setting Boundaries2014-11-17T20:53:34-05:00


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