Unfortunately we had to make the tough decision to cancel the planned Health Coach Program.

At this moment we do not have any health programs scheduled.

10 Day Health and Wellbeing Coach Program

Are you a coach, health practitioner, therapist, NLP practitioner who wants to learn advanced coaching methods to help others have greater health, more inner peace and ongoing balance in life?
Read more about our 10 Day Health Coach Program.

FAQ Health and Wellbeing Coach Program for nurses.


Resources on creating a healthy life for yourself and others with crisis certification.

To support you in creating a healthy life for yourself and others we have free Resources for online De-Escalation .


It is also possible to attend our 10 Day Health Coach Program realtime online!


Health Certification Training


We are sorry to let you know that the Health Certification Program is not available anymore in the Netherlands.
As a follow up, together with Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom, we designed the 10 Day Health Coach Program. With lots of processes and material from the HCT packed in two modules of five days.


Health certification training is a process by which individuals learn how to properly administer care to patients. The process of health certification training typically includes both classroom instruction and on-the-job experience. Health certification training programs may be offered by hospitals nursing homes clinics and other healthcare facilities. Many health certification programs are also offered online.

healthcare training certification

Healthcare training certification

Healthcare training certification is a process by which healthcare professionals can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a particular area of healthcare. Certification can be obtained from many different organizations each with its own specific requirements. In the United States the most common healthcare training certification is the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification.

mental health certification training

Mental health certification training

There are a number of different types of mental health certification training available. Some programs may focus on specific disorders while others may provide a more general overview of mental health issues. Many programs will include both classroom and clinical components and some may also offer online coursework. It is important to choose a program that is accredited by a reputable organization such as the American Psychological Association.