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“People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until they Know How Much You Care” “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” is a quote by John Maxwell, a great influential leadership instructor and trainer. You should take some time to check him out and consider reading some of his bestselling books. This quote makes a lot of sense, because in a crisis prevention situation, nobody’s really interested in how successful they been in the past in de-escalating people, or calming past situations, a police resume, or Marine Corp resume or accomplishments, none of it. [...]

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Health Certification Training Archive

Home Unfortunately we had to make the tough decision to cancel the planned Health Coach Program. At this moment we do not have any health programs scheduled. 10 Day Health and Wellbeing Coach Program Are you a coach, health practitioner, therapist, NLP practitioner who wants to learn advanced coaching methods to help others have greater health, more inner peace and ongoing balance in life? Read more about our 10 Day Health Coach Program. FAQ Health and Wellbeing Coach Program for nurses.   Resources on creating a healthy life for yourself and others with crisis certification. To support you in creating a healthy [...]

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Coaching To Happiness Archive

7 things you can do to have a happier and healthier life How to be happier and have a healthier life. Have you ever wondered how to be happier and have a better life? Surely yes because it is one of the main aspirations of the human being. It is accompanied by a feeling of fullness and satisfaction and, without a doubt, it is one of the most important feelings and one that most influences our mood.   So much so, that his absence worries, and a lot, the experts. Research has even been carried out on their lack during adolescence [...]

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East Bay Counseling Choices Archive

People come to therapy to improve the quality of their lives — whether it is to focus on issues in their relationships, problems with stress and anxiety or with depression. We can help. As licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, we make confidential referrals to qualified therapists to help you with your concerns. Let us find a supportive and understanding counselor to help you with life's ups and downs. Need CPI training near me nonviolent near me? Visit our CPI training near me nonviolent page on our CPI training near me nonviolent blog. Also we offer crisis intervention training online at our online blog for crisis [...]

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Who is responsible for Crisis Management?

  What does a brand take on, what is it responsible for? Products and services offered are at the top of the list, but a brand also represents a cosmos of values and ideas. If you are looking for cpi training classes near me visit our cpi training classes near me page. Both aspects have a great weight in the event of a crisis and at the same time offer you a great chance. Let's see why.  Let's say a customer has a problem with your product or service.   As a result, you will receive complaints and protests. The mistake was [...]

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Crisis management: what it is and how and how to manage corporate crises

Crisis management is the process by which an organization faces a situation that is potentially harmful to the company's performance and reputation, through the use of certain practices that can thus prevent, manage and quell the disadvantageous outcomes of the crisis. Learn about our online cpi training mental health course at our online cpi training mental health course page. Crisis management is therefore necessary to deal with problems and interruptions that occur in the various phases that make up any type of business, whether they are caused by events internal or external to the company, and which will give rise to [...]

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Understanding Crisis Prevention Training In A Modern World

  Everyday understanding of crisis  Learn about our cpi crisis prevention intervention at our online cpi crisis prevention intervention page. Bruce Wampold(2001), an American psychotherapy researcher, emphasizes in his "contextual model" that the client expects, among other things, that the therapist provides a plausible explanation for his or her suffering and an associated action plan has. Entering into a trusting relationship, which according to Wampold is essential for the success of an intervention, is made easier by the fact that these explanations are comprehensible for the clientele. This applies all the more in the very short encounters in crisis intervention, in [...]

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The traumatic crisis

The definition of a traumatic event is precisely defined in the US psychiatric guide "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-IV):  Learn about our cpi training hospital course at our cpi training hospital online course page. "The person experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events involving actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat of physical injury, or a threat of death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of themselves or others. The person's response included intense fear, helplessness, or horror."(Bastine 1998, p. 469). This addresses a series of events that [...]

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Summary of Crisis Prevention Techniques

Crisis intervention is a preventive offer of help that can provide relief in crisis situations, recognize and reduce dangers and support efforts to cope. Crisis institutions are characterized by specific characteristics, but differ in their mandates or priorities. These can include psychosocial crisis intervention, suicide prevention as well as psychiatric emergency support. A crisis can be understood as a process of change that is open, both towards health and towards illness. There are general as well as specific models of action tailored to the type of crisis. Learn about our crisis prevention training certification at our crisis prevention training certification page. [...]

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A Study On Crisis Prevention Training

This study helps to understand violent behavior but is not exhaustive on the phenomenon under investigation and requires a more in-depth analysis. The work has some limitations. Only the most recent literature of the last 10 years was considered and the PubMed and EMBASE databases were interrogated, not involving the minor ones. The sample of studies was oriented towards specific populations and this factor may have reduced the generalizability of the results. Learn about our crisis prevention intervention certification exam at our crisis prevention intervention certification exam page.   CONCLUSIONS  The aim of this survey was to evaluate the effectiveness of [...]

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Nurses and violence against health workers

  The real turning point for the nursing figure is linked to the intervention of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), an English noblewoman with a strong religious vocation, the first to whom it is possible to properly attribute the title of "nurse".  Learn about our cpi certification nursing online course at our cpi certification nursing online course page. Nightingale made his main contribution to the professionalization of nursing within education. With the aim of raising the social status of nurses, he sensed the fundamental ability to direct and teach others. Taking care of people, their weaknesses and their frailties, is no longer a [...]

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Mental Illness Crisis Intervention

A psychiatric emergency is a condition that is often caused by a psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia and involves a high level of need for action to prevent life-threatening or other serious consequences (Rupp 1996). If there is danger for the helper, both a mobile operation and the involvement of the police may be necessary. The description of a psychiatric emergency can be clarified through the use of status pictures. Those affected are often afraid , confused, apathetic or restless, possibly no longer controllable or slowed down, have a disturbed relation to reality with clear consciousness, are desperate, possibly even violent [...]

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Crisis management: how to manage a corporate crisis?

Manage a Corporate Crisis  Learn about our cpi nursing online training at our cpi nursing online training page. Mistakes to avoid and targeted advice to help your business when the brand is in a state of emergency  Whether it's a creaking post, a poor strategic move, a mistake with a customer or a general market crisis, it takes very little to initiate a state of emergency .  Just as a small pebble can crack a glass and cause irreparable damage, so a crisis can cause your brand to falter.  A crisis , in fact, calls into question the relationship with the [...]

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Loss Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Separation crises and crises after the death of a close person are more common reasons for crisis counseling. The strength of the crisis experience is related to the characteristics that Filipp identified in her concept “Critical Life Events” presented above.(Filip 1997). These characteristics include the required level of re-adaptation or re-adaptation, as well as the unpredictability of the event and its severity. Other stressful factors can be a symbiotic relationship with relatives, a lack of social support, the course of the event and, in the case of separations, the associated impairment of self-esteem(Dross 2001, p. 70). Learn about our cpi nurse [...]

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The Psychologist on Duty is part of the SAMUR-Civil Protection operation and is assigned among his functions to provide emergency psychological assistance in all potentially traumatic situations due to the high emotional impact that the event may cause to the patient's relatives, witnesses or those involved in the incident. or in those where the psychologist is the most suitable resource, as specified in the Procedures Manual. Learn about our cpi certification verification at our cpi certification verification page. The care function is exercised from a comprehensive and multidisciplinary model (health and psychological care), carried out in situ in the first moments [...]

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Discussion of Crisis Prevention Training

This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of de-escalation techniquesto manage the aggressive actions of the psychiatric patient. The 14 de-escalation techniques investigated in the study by Price O. et al, are applied on a continuum that goes from support to control and are divided into: 6 techniques called "Support" (passive intervention, reassurance, distraction, problem identification, resolution, reformulation) with the aim of allowing the patient to use his own resources to self-regulate aggression; 4 “Non-physical control” techniques (environmental manipulation, reprimand, deterrents, education) with more authoritative interventions that explicitly affirmed the control of personnel in containing harmful behavior; 4 "Physical control" techniques [...]

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10 Tips for dealing with an agitated and aggressive patient

  Episodes of violence and aggression against healthcare professionals are a sad and worrying fact.  10 Tips for dealing with an agitated and aggressive patient. Learn about our cpi training for nurses at our cpi training for nurses page. The acquisition of awareness of the existence of such phenomena and of the need to adopt related " zero tolerance " policies by political institutions, company top management and operators themselves seem to proceed slowly and with difficulty. And every day the news offers us the story of situations, similar to each other in the dynamics, suffered by doctors and nurses, really [...]

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Crisis Prevention Theories

Crisis in historical context  Lindemann and Caplan laid the basic understanding starting in 1948 with the "Wellesley" project, which is named after a small suburb of Boston in which they built a community health center(More detailed in Kunz et al. 2009). Lindeman(1985) developed reflections on the causes of mental illness and crises. Among other things, he is one of them. Learn about our cpi instructor training at our cpi instructor training page. drastic changes in interpersonal relationships  Unmanaged transitions from one life situation to another against the background of a vulnerable personality  traumatic experiences  lack of resources, so that the burdens [...]

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CRISIS PREVENTION PLAN   Learn about our cpi certification for nurses at our cpi certification for nurses page. INTRODUCTION By behavioral crisis we mean explosive behavior, that is  manifests itself at school, in the family or in other places.  Behavioral crises are identifiable both in certified pupils: autism,  ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder ... both in non-certified pupils with problems  of various kinds: family, social ... or without evidence of problems.  It is therefore a question of disruptive and destructive behaviors, which today are found in  increasing way in the school population.  Behavioral crises can result from conditions that do not arise a  [...]

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What are crisis management exercises?

Crisis management exercises serve precisely this purpose, to make the human element capable of knowing how to manage a corporate crisis, through a series of exercises in this regard. By means of seminars and sharing activities it will be possible to dialogue with employees, which will make it possible to exchange opinions and ideas to be used in the event of a crisis; the practical exercises will put into practice what was previously discussed on a theoretical level. Learn about our cpi nurse certification at our cpi nurse certification page. A crisis management exercise presents a series of aspects that must [...]

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Crisis and Violence Prevention Training

Staff training, accompanied by organizational and environmental safety measures, contributes significantly to the prevention and reduction of aggressive events, as well as to the creation of a work culture in which people are treated with respect by colleagues and superiors and where the work is recognized as a supreme good. Learn about our cpi nursing certification at our cpi nursing certification page. Correct management action by health departments, staff training, study of the phenomenon and modification of the environment are the main elements on which to intervene to ensure that the behaviors and environments where care and assistance are as suitable [...]

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OSDA Classes CPI De Escalation Crisis Prevention

After taking De-Escalation from our De-Escalation classes page on our De-Escalation blog, CPI Classes, or Crisis Intervention Training classes, it is still necessary to protect your self within your 2nd amendment rights. Concealed Carry Classes Welcome to OSDA Classes, your one-stop shop for all the information and certification you need to obtain an Oklahoma Handgun License (Concealed Carry License). Our mission is to safely educate gun owners of Oklahoma to an exceptional standard by taking the time to meet the needs of every student. Sign-up for a class, individual training, or with a group Get Certified: Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) Handgun License Course Get Individual Training: Defensive [...]

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San Antonio Texas History

The American city of San Antonio Texas this weekend experienced an exciting act of recognition of the role that Spain played 300 years ago with the presence of families from the Canaries and who founded the first urban space in San Antonio Texas. The name of San Antonio Texas is due to the fact that the original American tribes, the Caddos, called the Spanish "tayshas," which in their language meant allies against the Apaches. The canaries pronounced that as Texas. Later it adapted as Texas. In Texas they have waved flags of Spain, France and Mexico. After becoming independed from Mexico, [...]

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Near Me Nearby Thoughts

Several examples of near me, near me, & near me.   How Near Me Buying Searches Have Changed BirdEye has been named the #1 overview software program by G2 Crowd based on the data from thousands of customer reviews. The extra relevant your business is to the customer's search query, the higher you may rank. An correct and current Google My Enterprise itemizing is important for businesses immediately. For example, a plumber conducting a hyperlocal marketing campaign could want to bid on plumber again bay” or emergency plumber shawmut” as keywords if they're trying to draw more business from these two [...]

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Los Angeles California

On September 4, 1781, Felipe de Neve, Spanish governor, established a colonial population of only 44 neighbors in New Spain (in the current state of California), in the region known by the natives as the Valley of Smoke. The Spanish Franciscans Junípero Serra and Juan Crespi had already established a mission in that place which they named Pueblo de la Reina de los Ángeles (the current city of Los Angeles). The largest city in the United States has a Spanish name and is a town: the Town of Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de la Porciúncula, better known as [...]

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Toronto Ontario Canada

8 Attention-grabbing Toronto Ontario Canada Facts Provides a timeline indicating the history of social housing in Toronto Ontario Canada. To learn more about the historical past of the Ontario Veterinary Faculty and veterinary medication in Canada, go to the C.A.V. Barker Museum of Canadian Veterinary History at the School (visits to the CAV Barker Museum are by appointment solely). The Algonquins remained necessary French allies till the French and Indian Struggle because the Seven Years' Warfare was recognized in North America (1755-63). Mowat sent police into the disputed territory to say Ontario's claims, while Manitoba (at the behest of the national [...]

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Verbal Judo

There is a program available called Verbal Judo. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) It’s a communications course that’s rated highly—At one point it was rated the number one program of its kind in the country. Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s worth looking into. It’s a really neat program, with a lot of cool techniques you can use in crisis intervention situations and in dealing with aggressive people. One of the statements the author of the program makes is that when you’re feeling like all is lost, and it’s reached the point where [...]

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Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk

Not too long ago, there was an incident in Arizona between a professor at Arizona State University and a police officer. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) It’s gone viral, so you may have seen it. The professor was walking across the road—apparently jay-walking—as the police officer pulls up and stops her. They get into a verbal altercation. At one point she says something to the effect of “Well, you didn’t need to be disrespectful!” The next thing you know, the situation becomes physical with the officer slamming the professor to the ground. Unbelievable. In a matter [...]

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A Crisis Can’t Be Choreographed

I received a call a while ago from a facility where we had conducted training. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) They had an incident where a staff member unintentionally utilized a hybrid technique of one of ours, and another move they had seen somewhere. A complaint arose that the staff member behaved in a contradictory manner from how they’d been trained. They were accused of doing something different than they’d been taught. The call was with a number of people on the line, and the facility was recording the call as part of the investigation. For [...]

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7 On Your Side

There is a news station in the Washington, D.C., local area, whose slogan used to be, “7 on your side.” (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) In crisis intervention, that slogan is a neat concept, especially for those working in a hospital, or in law enforcement. If I knew that I had seven of my coworkers--my teammates--right there with me any time I entered into a crisis situation, I would definitely feel more confident. That team mentality is what I want to focus on, though. Obviously, having a rapport with the individual with whom you’re working is [...]

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Pedal to the Finish Line

When I think about the process of crisis intervention, I have to believe in myself and that I actually will be successful in whatever it is I’m trying to do at the moment. Whether it’s trying to convince somebody to do something I want them to do, or persuading them to not do something they’re about to do, (especially if its them getting ready to become violent) (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) I must go into it believing the outcome will be what I want it to be. If you go into any situation thinking, “This [...]

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When Banks Compete, You Win

A problem that sometimes comes up during crisis intervention, is competition. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) Competition among staff. As responders, we need to consider how much of a negative impact our “competition” might have on our ability to handle a crisis. I believe it’s huge. Let’s say, for example, I’m going in to de-escalate little Johnny, and you disagree with the way I’m doing it. You think maybe I’m being too soft, you may think I’m not enforcing a limit well enough, or you may think that I’m being too hard on him. Yet in [...]

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We’re Behind You Every Step of the Way

What a great feeling! This slogan reminds me of others I mentioned before—where the outcome is assured, and you’re in great hands. Knowing that people are behind you, and they’re backing you up is a great feeling, but I also recognize that others on my team allow me to take the lead, when they don’t have to. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) We don’t have to fight each other for that spotlight. We don’t have to fight each other to be the first person to deal with this individual, and say the words that are going [...]

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Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? (filthy rich accent) If you know me, you’ll quickly realize that statement is not at all fitting to my character. Have I ever used Grey Poupon? Sure I have, but it’s not my first choice. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) Why don’t I prefer Grey Poupon? Could it be that I’m not from England, and don’t prefer tea and crumpets? Probably. Saying I actually preferred it would be me trying to be someone I’m not. When you are dealing with someone in crisis, don’t try to be something [...]

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The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

We talked earlier about setting the bar so high that your desired objectives become unattainable, and the expectations you have for an individual may be too far above and beyond what they are able to achieve. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) We want to make sure we don’t do that. Instead, we want to make sure that we’re creating positive and achievable goals for an individual to reach, as well as ensuring we don’t discount the positive steps they are currently or already taking . For example, in the facility, I was working with young children [...]

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Pleasing People the World Over

Are you a people pleaser? Do you go above and beyond to do the best you can to try to make someone else happy? As long as you’re not pleasing people to the detriment of yourself and who you are, then good for you. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) That’s what it’s all about in crisis intervention. In the moment of crisis, a person is struggling. They need assistance. What can you do to try and help? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to do the best job I can. What’s important to remember [...]

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Don’t Lose Your Bearing

  In 1999, I was in the United States Marine Corps Recruit Training (otherwise known as boot camp) at Parris Island, SC. (try our cpi training online or our crisis intervention certificate) It was one of the best times of my life. No kidding. It was. All the Devil Dogs would agree it was one of the best times of all our lives, but most would never want to go through that hell again. One of the things I’ll never forget are my drill instructors. Imagine getting yelled at just like you see in the movies. In your face, inches away, [...]

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Welcome to Ann’s Crochet Miniatures Archive

Crisis Intervention CPI Training Online Certification Clothing for all Babywear Silk baby dresses 3D baby blanket Children's Clothes Wedding Dress with flowers dress and shawl This page shows some of the Clothing I have designed for Adults, Children and Babies, these can be seen in detail at my Online Store For the Adults We have Sweaters, Dresses, Hats, Pure Wool Jackets and delicate Evening Dresses and Wedding Dresses, Again, I willingly accept commissions for a particular style or colour. Ladies Hats and Bags Made with a firm cotton thread, each hat is individually crocheted and decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers etc [...]

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Keep My Side of The Street Clean

I remember a mentor of mine used to always tell me, “Brendan, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure that your side of the street is clean.” (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) I never forgot that, because it was critical to always ensure that what I did was “clean”. It didn’t matter what you did or said to me. It didn’t matter how you chose to treat me. None of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was my side of the street. All of us need reminders as to why we should [...]

Keep My Side of The Street Clean2020-01-16T17:53:26-05:00

“You Need To . . .”

In our training at CCG, we teach our students to avoid the use of the statement, “You need to.” (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) The only time I’m going to use the phrase, “You need to” is when it has to do with safety and security. I touched on this earlier, and I can’t emphasize it enough. If someone is in a position where they are doing something that puts your safety and security in jeopardy, “Sir, I’m going to need you to back up.” “Johnny, I’m going to need you to put that chair down.” “I’m [...]

“You Need To . . .”2020-01-16T17:51:33-05:00

“We Answer To A Higher Authority”

This is a very cool slogan that makes you believe the company is delivering a superior high quality product, doesn’t it? (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) After all, they have to answer to a higher authority, so they must be good at what they do. You, also, have to answer to a higher authority. Your supervisor. When you go to work, think about your supervisor standing right there in the room with you. No matter what you’re doing, no matter what you’re saying to an individual, no matter where you are, imagine your boss is in there [...]

“We Answer To A Higher Authority”2020-01-16T17:50:27-05:00

Heinz 57

Did you know that the number 57 in Heinz 57 has no real meaning at all? (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) I used to think it meant the company had 57 different products, but that’s not so. When the Heinz 57 catch phrase was developed, the company already had over 60 products! John Heinz just thought the number 57 sounded good. It was catchy and got attention. In crisis de-escalation, the number 57 might represent the number of different ways you can approach a particular situation. In other words, the method of de-escalation that you use today, [...]

Heinz 572020-01-16T17:48:54-05:00

“If This, Then That”

One of the verbal intervention techniques we talk about in CCG training is the concept of “If this, then that.” (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) It simply means that should I find myself in a situation where I’m telling somebody, “If you don’t stop this, then that is going to happen,” I need to shut my mouth right then and there. More often than not, when you propose a direction, or an order in that phrasing, it sounds like nothing more than a threat. “If you don’t stop jumping on the couch, I’m going to drop your [...]

“If This, Then That”2020-01-16T17:47:45-05:00

The Right to be treated with Dignity and Respect

I think we’d agree that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) When somebody goes into crisis does that right disappear? Do they forfeit that right? Absolutely not. Just because someone’s is not treating you respectfully as a responder, doesn’t mean you get to dish it out in kind. One of the hardest things to remember in the de-escalation process is that, when someone is making a personal attack or a verbal assault on your character, it is not the time to give them a little taste of [...]

The Right to be treated with Dignity and Respect2020-01-16T17:46:25-05:00

You Have the Right to Personal Space

During all CCG training sessions we talk about certain rights afforded to individuals in crisis. (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) One of the most important is the right to personal space. People in crisis have the right to their own personal space. You, too, have the right to personal space. You are a first responder, and no matter what role you play in a crisis, you have a right to be safe in your space. What that space encompasses depends on your comfort level. It might be arms reach, it may be 5-6 feet, it may even [...]

You Have the Right to Personal Space2020-01-16T17:45:14-05:00

Mmmm Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Toasty!

Are you burnt? Are you burned out on the job? (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training)Are you what we call in the Law Enforcement world “R.O.D”, or “Retired on Duty?” Becoming burned out is one of the most detrimental things that can happen to someone who is working with people in crisis situations. We’ve all seen it. You may have experienced it for yourself at some point. There is nothing worse than watching a coworker who becomes burned out. They get to the point where they are so dissatisfied, disheartened, and disgusted with the workplace environment, their supervisors, [...]

Mmmm Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Toasty!2020-01-16T17:20:43-05:00

So You Can Rest To Stay Healthy

How important is it to come to work healthy? (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) Do you always come to work healthy? Do you know coworkers who show up to work when they’re sick? For whatever reason most of us don’t take our sick days. That said, yuou probably know a few staff members who have no problem taking every sick day possible, but you aren’t one of them. Most of us have a good work ethic. We don’t enjoy calling in sick, and we almost feel bad when we have to do so. Here’s the thing to [...]

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Crisis situations don’t happen all by themselves, or in a vacuum. (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) There are things you might see as precursors to a crisis. Maybe even situations that occur in and around the crisis situation that actually makes it the biggest, most turbulent part of the crisis. The reality is, that when one individual is in crisis, be on the lookout for others who may be affected by that crisis and who may then go into crisis themselves. When I worked on the adolescent unit we would have patients who would superficially cut themselves. [...]

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS2020-01-16T17:15:53-05:00

Step 5 Provide Options

In Step 1 of the five steps of de-escalation, we learned to identify what’s in it for you. (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) Step 2 is to demonstrate you’re not a threat, followed by step 3, where you find an “in,” and in step 4 we learned to meet a need. That brings us to step 5, where you identify an area where you can find a compromise. Somewhere or something the two of you can work out together to come up with a successful resolution. Of utmost importance is providing that individual with options that work [...]

Step 5 Provide Options2020-01-16T17:13:52-05:00

Step 4 . Meet a Need 

Step 4 in the five steps of de-escalation, is to “Meet A Need” of an individual in crisis (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training). The trick is in trying to identify that need. You’ve already found an “in,” and have bridged a little bit of a gap. Now you’re trying to identify a need we can meet. To do this we refer to Maslow’s Hierarchy*. Whether or not you’ve heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy before, you may want to take a look at it. Maslow believed there are different levels of human needs, at the base are the physiological [...]

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