Zero incidents of violence after training staff in CES methods!

We would like to spotlight River Valley Ranch and their commitment to the safety of their staff as well as their campers.  They are committed to providing an excellent summer camp program that engages campers physically, emotionally and spiritually.  They believe it is imperative to have an excellent, trained staff (certified medical personnel, certified lifeguards, certified ropes and climbing instructors, certified horsemen, and well-trained and dedicated counselors) alert to the needs and safety of our campers.

As part of their commitment to having their staff trained to be ready for any incident, they have been successfully implementing the Crisis Prevention Intervention Certification Training provided by Crisis Consultant Group.  They take their training seriously and hold monthly refreshers to proactively be prepared for any incident that could occur.

They have had 0 incidents since becoming trained in our methods, and feel better prepared to head off any situation verbally and are confident they can de-escalate a situation before it gets to a physical point.  We are honored to be able to teach them the skills they need to make sure that unexpected crisis does not impede their overall mission of providing a wholesome, educational and fun camp!

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