Customer Service De-escalation Training


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Customer Service De-escalation Training For Customer Service Professionals

In today’s workplace, the need for safe and effective de-escalation techniques for Customer Service Representatives and those interacting with the public is a must.

Unlike most standard conflict resolution training found in the industry that is based on “theory”, this training course combines instructors years of front line experience working in high-stress and challenging workplaces which participants find highly realistic and thought-provoking.  Your employees must become empowered to navigate crisis situations quickly and effectively, ensuring the most positive outcome is achieved.  

CCG’s 5-Steps To De-escalation Training Course is available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking Certification.

This course is a perfect addition or foundational training for organizations seeking to improve their culture around dealing with verbally hostile or aggressive behavior.

Delivery Style: 
The course is a highly engaging and interactive multimedia course, delivered through an online Learning Management System (LMS).

Course Length:
Approximately 2.5 hours – (Shorter Version Available) 
*Modules are short 3-5 minute sessions allowing for stop/pause/resume as needed during a busy work day

Yes – Enterprise Package Licensing Available

Customer De-escalation Topics Covered:

  • Understanding and Recognizing Crisis Early
  • Learning What Words and Phrases to Avoid 
  • How to Maintain Professionalism Under Stress
  • How to Build and Maintain Rapport
  • How to Recognize When Violence Is Likely To Occur
  • Understanding Body Language 
  • And more–

Customer De-escalation Competency Checks / Deliverables: 

  • Pre-course Assessment
  • Internal Quizzes (3) 
  • Final Test (10 Questions) 
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion


Customer Service De-escalation Training
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
Nov 21, 2023
 by Anonymous

I learned how much of a difference my own perspective and attitude makes during a crisis.  Valuable lessons!

Jason Tilde
Nov 19, 2023
 by Jason Tilde

Thanks for the course-- great training. Recommended for those that work in customer service and all the h*ll we put up with these days.

Alex Quentin
Nov 3, 2023
 by Alex Quentin

Customer service de-escalation is so necessary. Everyone is always so angry these days.  Great training!

Oct 4, 2023
 by Anthony

My employer suggested I take this course. It was worth it--better than most others I have taken.  Loved the videos and how quickly I felt like I was learning new tools.

Sherry W.
Sep 21, 2023
 by Sherry W.

I recommend this course. 5 out of 5.  You will learn many new techniques.

Chris Stafford
Jul 12, 2023
 by Chris Stafford

These de-escalation techniques are already helping me with angry customers.

R. Trano
Jul 9, 2023
 by R. Trano

My supervisors need to have all of our employees take this course.  I have told them how great it was. Thank you!

Muelsi Rosario
May 18, 2023
 by Muelsi Rosario

I recommend this course to anyone having to deal with angry customers like I do everyday.  Thanks CCG!

Lisa Viterano
May 9, 2023
 by Lisa Viterano

I wish I would have had this training when I started in retail.  Massive help.

Margo R.
May 4, 2023
 by Margo R.

Every crisis situation is unique.  This training taught me to make sure to breathe when stressed out and focus on dignity and respect for others.

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