Customer Service De-escalation Training


Perfect for Retail, Financial, Security, Corporate Employees
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Customer Service De-escalation Training For Customer Service Professionals

In today’s workplace, the need for safe and effective de-escalation techniques for Customer Service Representatives and those interacting with the public is a must.

Unlike most standard conflict resolution training found in the industry that is based on “theory”, this training course combines instructors years of front line experience working in high-stress and challenging workplaces which participants find highly realistic and thought-provoking.  Your employees must become empowered to navigate crisis situations quickly and effectively, ensuring the most positive outcome is achieved.  

CCG’s 5-Steps To De-escalation Training Course is available ONLINE for individuals and groups seeking Certification.

This course is a perfect addition or foundational training for organizations seeking to improve their culture around dealing with verbally hostile or aggressive behavior.

Delivery Style: 
The course is a highly engaging and interactive multimedia course, delivered through an online Learning Management System (LMS).

Course Length:
Approximately 2.5 hours
*Modules are short 3-5 minute sessions allowing for stop/pause/resume as needed during a busy work day

Yes – Enterprise Package Licensing Available

Customer De-escalation Topics Covered:

  • Understanding and Recognizing Crisis Early
  • Learning What Words and Phrases to Avoid 
  • How to Maintain Professionalism Under Stress
  • How to Build and Maintain Rapport
  • How to Recognize When Violence Is Likely To Occur
  • Understanding Body Language 
  • And more–

Customer De-escalation Competency Checks / Deliverables: 

  • Pre-course Assessment
  • Internal Quizzes (3) 
  • Final Test (10 Questions) 
  • Downloadable Certificate of completion




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