How important is it to come to work healthy? (try our cpi certificate or our crisis intervention training) Do you always come to work healthy? Do you know coworkers who show up to work when they’re sick? For whatever reason most of us don’t take our sick days. That said, yuou probably know a few staff members who have no problem taking every sick day possible, but you aren’t one of them. Most of us have a good work ethic. We don’t enjoy calling in sick, and we almost feel bad when we have to do so.

Here’s the thing to remember. I don’t want you to show up to work if you’re not on your “A” game. If you’re taking medicine, you’re off your “A” game. When you’re feeling sick or feeling run down, it’s almost a recipe for disaster. If you can’t resist coming in to work, and we work together, at least tell me. Let me know, because unless I have some reason to think differently, I’m expecting you to be on your “A” game. If you’re not, for whatever reason—even if it’s a non-health related issue–let me know. This way I’m better prepared to help pick up the slack, fill in the gaps, etc.

Don’t leave me, your coworker, out in the cold when I’m expecting you to pick up the pace or I’m relying on you to back me up on a certain call, only to find out you’re under the weather, you pulled a muscle, or you can’t do everything the job requires. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you can call in, take that time to rest and get back to the point where you’re going to be on your “A” game. You’re going to come in the next day, feeling better, and not hung over from the Nyquil you took the night before.