Crisis management exercises serve precisely this purpose, to make the human element capable of knowing how to manage a corporate crisis, through a series of exercises in this regard. By means of seminars and sharing activities it will be possible to dialogue with employees, which will make it possible to exchange opinions and ideas to be used in the event of a crisis; the practical exercises will put into practice what was previously discussed on a theoretical level. Learn about our cpi nurse certification at our cpi nurse certification page.

A crisis management exercise presents a series of aspects that must be taken into consideration for its success, and to achieve one it will be necessary to start with the definition of the objectives of the exercise: the weaknesses that have emerged will be taken into account, a type of possible crisis will be chosen. , such as an earthquake rather than a financial crisis, and a very detailed action plan will then be drawn up covering that specific scenario. Secondly, the actual simulation will be carried out, where the established plan will be applied and each person involved will carry out their task, whether it be a phone call rather than a safety maneuver. Finally, there will be the analysis and evaluation of the actionsso far implemented. 

An effective crisis management plan , while taking into account the different types of existing corporate crises, must always have elements that are clearly present, which are essential. As previously said, studying and analyzing the causes and effects of any crisis is the starting point, trying to outline the extent of the damage caused. Having clarified the scenario, it is necessary to establish guidelines to follow, creating an action protocol that will concern people, with the assignment of tasks and roles. Communication will then be important ,in all its aspects: the subjects involved must know how to respond using the various channels available, using the company protocol concerning official communications, and must also have a list of all the contacts that may be useful in the event of an emergency. 

When a crisis hits a company, the management of the communication of the crisis will be of vital importance , which will be decisive for the success or otherwise of the strategy, allowing a quick solution that can minimize the damage suffered: interfacing with the media and customers. he will have to follow a communication plan consisting of a series of precautions, so that the messages arrive correctly. Often the mismanagement of a post on Facebook or Twitter has created embarrassments for different brands, becoming viral. 

Study, prevention and simulations represent the ideal way to approach corporate crises, thus actively and in every way trying to avoid a possible crisis. However, it often happens that a company becomes embroiled in a financial or environmental scandal, or instead violates the rights of consumers or its employees. If this happens, the best move will be that of assuming full of guilt: confessing one’s sins and taking responsibility for them will be the winning answers to the crisis, because they will be a signal of transparency and honesty, pushing users to forgive the error. clerk. Knowing how to best repair the situation will be the task of the company, through compensation for damage, or by developing a business model that takes into account, in a sincere and genuine way, 

In the life of any organization, a crisis situation will most likely occur sooner or later, and what will make the difference between a company managed in a successful, healthy and effective way compared to an improvised one, will be the way in which the crisis will be approached. , managed and communicated. Crisis management is therefore essential for an entrepreneur who has a 360 ° view of his business, as a strategic element capable of defining the success or failure of a brand.