Articles, Newscasts, Press Releases: 

Capital One Bank Capital One Bank – USA enlists CCG to help improve readiness for emergencies

River Valley Ranch – Zero incidents in an entire year after training staff for crisis situations!

Tomorrow’s ChildrenOver 40% decrease in crisis incidents after integration of the CES model

Spectrum Consulting Services – SCS celebrates over a decade with CES curriculum to safely handle youth living with Autism & ASD

SPIRE Energy  – SPIRE Energy invites CCG to provide de-escalation training to employees to mitigate crisis on the front-lines 

WUSA-9 (CBS News)Active Shooter Response & Preparation interview with CEO, Mr. Brendan King and ASR Division Lead, Howie Scott – Response to Las Vegas Massacre

GovEventsActive Shooter Response Seminar – Dept. Homeland Security – CEO, Mr. Brendan King, guest speaker; Active Shooters: Behavior, Conditions, and Situations

11AliveActive Shooter Response & Survival – Trusting instincts and survival

Roanoke Times Newspaper – Interview with CEO, Mr. Brendan King regarding workplace violence prevention and training

Insurance Journal – Risk Management – Employers benefit from mitigating workplace violence through training.  Discussion with CEO regarding workplace violence, workman’s compensation claims, and liability reduction through CCG training

Forum EventsGuest Speakers, CEO, Mr. Brendan King and former ASR Instructor, Justin Cuomo – Active Shooter Response workshop

American Gas AssociationNatural Gas Field Worker Safety and Security Forum – Keynote speaker  “In The Right Place at the Wrong Time” – De-escalation strategies & Workplace Violence Prevention

10TimesTexas School Based Law Enforcement Annual Conference – CEO, Mr. Brendan King, keynote speaker and presenter – Strategies for de-escalation and conflict resolution working in Law Enforcement

Maryland Association for Special Education Facilitators – (MANSEF) Conference – CEO, Mr. Brendan King, speaker and presenter – “Don’t Give Up On Me” – Strategies for de-escalation and working with special needs students

Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine – Situational Safety Training – Women’s Self Defense session instructors and presenters. Page 22-23

Wheeler Clinic -Wheeler Clinic reports over a 10% decrease in crisis incidents overall & shorter duration of actual crisis events

University of Washington, Vendors guide to Crisis Intervention Training providers

Vermont Department of Education – Directory of recommended programs that teach prevention and appropriate use of restraint in school settings

Council for Exceptional Children –  Physical restraint and seclusion in schools – vendor review

Indiana Commission on Seclusion and Restraint – Vendor comparison, approval list for the State of Indiana

Minnesota Department of Education – Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Programs – PDF