Tomorrow’s Children decreases crisis incidents by nearly 40%!

Tomorrow’s Children’s mission is to “provide the children/adolescents with a safe, positive, caring, learning environment while teaching them to be successful in a community setting”. Since 2015, they have contracted with Crisis Consultant Group, LLC (CCG) to make sure their employees are prepared to safely and effectively resolve crisis.  With over 40 years in the business of providing residential care for juveniles, they value the importance of keeping both their staff, as well as their residents safe, while focusing on enhancing positive change to return the child to their family and community with individualized behavioral programming.  The Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training provided by CCG, that focuses heavily on verbal de-escalation techniques, has resulted in approximately a 40% decrease in incidents and improved the overall confidence in their staff to handle a crisis. We would like to recognize and thank Tomorrow’s Children for taking the safety of their staff, and residents seriously, equipping them with the tools they need to continue providing such an important service for at-risk youth.

More information about Tomorrow’s Children:

The goal of Tomorrow’s Children is to create a positive, healthy environment for each child. Children/Adolescents in trauma experience fear, chaos, unpredictability and frustration. They often have a lower ability to handle stressful situations because their energy is centered on finding safety. Tomorrow’s Children provides a structured, safe environment that provides stability and security for traumatized children.