De Escalation Training For Healthcare Workers


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De-escalation Techniques for Nurses

As is widely known, healthcare workers face the greatest amount of violence on the job.  For nurses / RN’s, LPN’s, and healthcare staff, learning the most effective methods to prevent, deter, and stop violence from occurring is critical. Recognizing early warning signs of workplace violence and understanding how to respond effectively and quickly is what this training course is all about. De-escalation is an especially relevant topic for health care workers, nurses, emergency room staff, and most other related health care professionals.

Topics Included:

  • Understanding Precursors To Crisis
  • Motivating Persons In Crisis
  • Handling Passive Non-Compliance
  • Building Rapport
  • Remaining Unbiased During Interventions
  • Maintaining Your Calm During Chaos
  • The 5 Steps to De-escalation™
  • And more–

Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of course for download and printing. 

Course lasts: Appx 3.5 hours

Offering lessons on: Verbal De-escalation, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Self-regulation, and Self-awareness

This course should be considered mandatory training for those working in health care, whose primary mission is the welfare and care taking of those in need.

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  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Certification
  • Downloadable Certificate Upon Course Completion
  • Free ebook preview “Calm Every Storm, Preventing Aggressive Behavior with Your Words”

Aligns With:

  • Joint Commission
  • OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)
  • US Dept. of Education
  • Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

Optional Add-ons During Checkout:

*Discounts for group purchases of 10 or more courses

*This Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training® course is exclusively owned and provided by the Crisis Consultant Group.  This course provides non-violent and non-confrontational techniques for de-escalation of crisis situations and is heavily utilized across the USA, the USVI, and Canada in nearly every workplace environment.  

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De-escalation Training For Nurses
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Jason Elba

Recommended highly. This will be very useful on the job and I will be sharing your company with my employer.

 by Stephen wheeler

I really did enjoy this training.

 by Joseph R

Excellent course. De-escalation is so critical in the ER and this course was the best one yet that I have attended that left me feeling empowered vs. fearful of the next crisis I will have to face-- especially since I know its coming!

 by Georgia Hall

My job definitely didn't give us training for what we deal with so I took this on my own and paid for it myself. I am glad I did!

 by Jonathan Harris

Great job

 by Desire' Felis

Thank you for the training. Highly recommended.

 by Elian Tigris

Excellent course that was very helpful compared to many of the other courses I have attended in the past.

 by Tracie Mills RN

This course kept my attention and was one of the better ones I have taken.

 by Rosana Hartel RN

This course was fantastic! Not boring! Quick and got my certificate easily.

 by Johnathan Harper

Very well done. Loved that this satisfied my annual requirements and provided CEU's as well. Great job CCG!

 by Tanya Blankenship

I found the ERL model very helpful and think it will be very helpful in crisis situations to help you to communicate to other staff that come into the situation not really knowing what is going on. Being able to say one word to them and them be on the same page will be very helpful. De escalation nursing is a critical skill to have for me.

 by Elizabeth DeSpain

I like the idea of choices and not limit setting. The approaches taught in this program is so realistic and so needed. I don't know that I could think of a way to improve on this.

 by Rosemary Klein-Robbins

You SOLVE method made a lot more sense than what I had been using. And the Emotional Response Level model saves time and maintains safety when a whole novel doesn't need to be use, only a word.

 by Joshua Hettrick

It was very informative and I learned quite a bit. CCG de escalation techniques for nurses really work.

 by Lauren Martinez

I thought the presenter was knowledgable and kept my attention throughout the course! I'm glad that i found these de escalation strategies for nurses. Thank you!

 by Julio Perez

This is so convenient to college students, and workers that do not have the ability to attend to training on places that are far apart, location and time is not convenient at times, so this course makes it all better. Thanks a million I highly appreciate this de escalation training for nurses.

 by Sonja Richards

Studying PsychNursing, I don't remember getting into all the detail your course made the information more valuable.  I was told to get cpi training and this was excellent becuase I needed de escalation techniques nursing focused.

 by Jennifer Hughes

This has been a blessing to a very busy work schedule. This course has been very convenient for me. De-escalation skills for nurses has always been important but these days even more so.

 by Kelley Cauley

I enjoyed the course, it provided information and techniques it did and did not know. I needed to get cpi certification for my job and this was great. De-escalation nursing is so important for my job.


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