Free Active Shooter Training Video

Providing your workforce with basic understanding of how to minimize harm, increase safety, and build confidence during an Active Shooter (AS) event is a key step in helping to reduce injury and deaths from such an incident. A free, short video has been made available with effective basic information (“Run, Hide, Fight”) searchable on Youtube®. For a more complete and thorough training option, seeking an online, video Active Shooter Training course is strongly encouraged.

Active Shooter Training Video- Topics Should Include:

* AS history – information regarding past occurrences, such as Columbine, VA Tech,
Newtown, and Navy Yard with lessons learned from each
* AS timelines – historical perspective on length of time taken from first shot to last shot
fired for better understanding on how long most incidents last
* Mental preparation – survival mindset tools and techniques to help maintain calm and
reduce risk
* Effective decision tree – assisting persons involved in making the most appropriate
decisions under extreme stress

Any Active Shooter Training Video or training course must take caution in trying to cover too
many topics or have unrealistic expectations about what someone exposed to this type of
violence may or may not do. Only those persons who have lived through these or similar
situations are able to pass on information about what they experienced, and how those
experiences can stand to benefit others.

An effective Active Shooter Training video will be careful to demonstrate respect and careful
consideration for all those who have been lost, and for those who have sacrificed their lives for
the benefit of others. A training video on this topic must be realistic and be based on
providing viewers with the minimum amount of information that will help them attain the
maximum amount of success during such situations.

Active Shooter Training Video – Hick’s Law

In accordance with Hick’s Law –(Willam Edmund Hick) – The more choices a person has to select from, the longer their actual response time in making a decision will be. For this reason,
the more simple, basic, and yet honest and realistic the curriculum can be, the better.

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