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Active Threat Response – Tips For Human Resource Professionals

We encourage all HR professionals to consider the impact of Active Threat Response training for your organization.  Most often, managers, supervisors, and leaders in Human Resource positions not only have to make critical personnel decisions, but also help organizations prepare, mitigate, and navigate crisis events. With the numerous incidents of workplace violence and active shooter / active threat events happening on a near daily basis, CCG has prepared a quick infographic to provide some of the best tips and considerations for those in HR and leadership to consider. Please contact CCG for further information on how we can assist your organization [...]

Active Threat Response – Tips For Human Resource Professionals2019-08-19T23:55:08-04:00

Active Shooter Training – Free Tools

Active Shooter Training - Free Tools One of the first questions asked by organizations looking for Active Shooter Training tools is "Where can I get something for free?" If you are seeking basic training available to the general public, you don't have to go far for effective options. The Department of Homeland Security provides one day workshops around the country you may be able to attend. For free. A quick search of Active Shooter Training, or Active Shooter Response on Youtube should also provide a few options. For a few more engaging and customized options, read further: Active Shooter Training - [...]

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Active Shooter Online Training – Effective or Ineffective?

Active Shooter Online Training When an organization begins to consider the option of providing Active Shooter Online Training to their employees, a few key questions should be considered before moving forward. The decisions and actions individuals take in the first moments of an Active Shooter event are so critical. Therefore, relevant and effective training is essential. 1. Is the Active Shooter Online Training delivered by credible and qualified Instructors? 2. Is the curriculum effective, realistic, and progressive? 3. Is the AS training cost effective when compared to live training? 4. Will the Active Shooter Online Training include required engagement and interaction [...]

Active Shooter Online Training – Effective or Ineffective?2014-03-14T17:38:34-04:00

Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement

Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement Realistic, effective, and progressive are three terms that should be associated with any Active Shooter Response Training (ASRT) program. Three more terms that should be added when instructing Law Enforcement Officers are; credible, detailed, and coordinated. Careful consideration must be taken when training the individuals entrusted to protect others, shortcuts are not recommended. This article focuses on a number of key factors to help with choosing the right vendor. Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement- Realistic, Effective, Progressive. Providing Active Shooter Training For Law Enforcement or related armed first responders must be based around keeping [...]

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Free Active Shooter Training Video – Effective Tool For Learning

Free Active Shooter Training Video Providing your workforce with basic understanding of how to minimize harm, increase safety, and build confidence during an Active Shooter (AS) event is a key step in helping to reduce injury and deaths from such an incident. A free, short video has been made available with effective basic information (“Run, Hide, Fight”) searchable on Youtube®. For a more complete and thorough training option, seeking an online, video Active Shooter Training course is strongly encouraged. Active Shooter Training Video- Topics Should Include: * AS history – information regarding past occurrences, such as Columbine, VA Tech, Newtown, and [...]

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What is Active Shooter Training?

What Is Active Shooter Training? With Active Shooter (AS) incidents playing out nearly every day across the globe, the question most often being asked is “Why did this occur?” and “How do we prevent these from occurring?” One response to the latter question is through providing and/or receiving instruction in a unique training curriculum referred to as “Active Shooter Training." Below is a short list of what is often covered in most basic Active Shooter Training courses as well as how to evaluate a potential vendor. By no means is this list all-encompassing, though it can provide a good place to [...]

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Active Shooter Response – Playing the Odds

Active Shooter Response - The Findings from a Master Instructor Why don’t we seem to be making an impact on the number of active shooter incidents that are happening? Are we focused in the wrong areas? Possibly. Is it because there are major breakdowns in our mental health, corrections, and safety programs? Acknowledged. Is it because we don’t have dedicated people and first responders trying to prevent these situations from occurring? No. We do have that. We can all answer these questions fairly quickly and easily, yet it is something deeper and something less easy to admit out loud. We simply [...]

Active Shooter Response – Playing the Odds2014-03-28T05:27:22-04:00


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