Active Shooter Training – Free Tools

One of the first questions asked by organizations looking for Active Shooter Training tools is “Where can I get something for free?” If you are seeking basic training available to the general public, you don’t have to go far for effective options. The Department of Homeland Security provides one day workshops around the country you may be able to attend. For free. A quick search of Active Shooter Training, or Active Shooter Response on Youtube should also provide a few options. For a few more engaging and customized options, read further:

Active Shooter Training – Affordable Options

The next level of options to utilize for yourself or your workforce would be an online Active Shooter Training course that can be found through various vendors, all with different backgrounds, focus areas, and prices. We provide a valuable yet affordable online course which can be found on this site under Products and Online Training. This Active Shooter Training course was filmed in front of an audience of about 400 educators in the Northern Virginia area, and consists of lecture, PowerPoint Multimedia, and brief Q+A, with a few competency based checkpoints along the way (HERE). This basic workshop is meant to be an Active Shooter Training “on-steroids” version, providing a bit more information than the standard “Run, Hide, Fight” curriculum. Although very basic, and keeping with the “less is more” mentality for real-world violence, this cost effective option will satisfy OSHA requirements for workplace violence prevention.

Advanced Active Shooter Training – Tailored and Specific

An advanced level of AST would incorporate customization, table-top, and rolling classroom as well as live scenario options geared towards both armed and unarmed responders. Training of this kind will range from approximately $250/pp to $500/pp or more, depending on location, length of training, and levels of integration. If an organization is seeking this level of training, we encourage further review of our options found HERE, or better yet, contact us to speak more about this service.