Active Shooter Online Training

When an organization begins to consider the option of providing Active Shooter Online Training to their employees, a few key questions should be considered before moving forward. The decisions and actions individuals take in the first moments of an Active Shooter event are so critical. Therefore, relevant and effective training is essential.

1. Is the Active Shooter Online Training delivered by credible and qualified Instructors?
2. Is the curriculum effective, realistic, and progressive?
3. Is the AS training cost effective when compared to live training?
4. Will the Active Shooter Online Training include required engagement and interaction
from participants?
5. Will the course be self-paced, so participants may start/stop when able?
6. Is the course maintained in an online Learning Management System (LMS) to track and
monitor participant attendance, completion and certification?

If the answer is yes to all the above, it could be assumed that the training could be an effective
alternative when budgets, timelines, and related factors inhibit the possibility of live training
being conducted on-site.

Active Shooter Online Training – What We Provide

In response to the questions above, we offer the following information:

1. CCG has built its foundation on relevant, credible, effective and well qualified
Instructors. Currently providing training services in 24 States across the USA, the CCG Master
Instructor cadre’ is made up of nearly 4 decades of experience, training and credentials from
areas such as: Law Enforcement, US Military, US Secret Service, Diplomatic Security Service,
Mental Health, and Corporate Security organizations. For further detailed information on
Instructor qualifications, please contact us.

2. The Active Shooter Online Training curriculum developed by The Crisis Consultant Group,
LLC combines some of the most progressive information currently available based on recent
lessons learned from VA Tech, Newtown, and the Navy Yard. Members of the CCG training
team have been directly involved in tactical response, debriefing, and after-action of these
particular incidents, which has directly aided in the development of the entire Active Shooter
Response curriculum (Live and Online Versions) so that they are incredibly informative, realistic,
and effective.

3. When considering costs involved with Active Shooter Online Training, having an online, self-
paced option may certainly be the most effective method to reach the most people. Much has
been said in recent years regarding the effectiveness and/or competency of online courses
compared to actual “live” course attendance, though CCG’s philosophy is that some training is
better than no training. When timing, budgeting, availability, and location are major issues,
choosing an online option may be the best method to use.

4. When creating the CCG Active Shooter Online Course, the selection of using a well-established
online LMS to actually host and deliver the curriculum was not taken lightly. In addition,
numerous competency based tools were used to add to participant engagement and retention.
Curriculum materials are included which are printable once the course is completed so that the
attendee may walk away from the course with essential information to review in the future. A
short test and essay section are also required from each student to enhance individual skill and

5. As mentioned, this course is self-paced, allowing students to log in and attend on dates and
times that work with their schedule. This provides complete flexibility to an organization and allows
for maximum completion rates once assigned.

6. The Learning Management System used for this Active Shooter Online Training monitors
nearly every step in the process for each student. Log in’s, log out’s, minutes watched, questions
answered, reviews used, responses, and completion rates are all accessible for recording and
personnel tracking.

If this training option is something you are considering, contact CCG today so we can help better
prepare your employees for the worst type of situation imaginable.