Crisis Intervention Certification- How Does It Help?

For someone working in an environment where they are prone to be verbally assaulted, physically assaulted, or are having to deal with challenging behavior on a routine or occasional basis, gaining Crisis Intervention Certification can be a game changer. The training curriculum provides numerous tools, skills, and techniques to effectively and safely de-escalate individuals who have become hostile and/or threatening, all without having to utilize harmful or violent responses that could lead to unintentional harm.

During a crisis situation, it is typical to have one or more “responders” present or nearby to deal with or intervene with the individual who is escalated. Ensuring that these responders are acting in the most efficient and effective way during these stressful times is vital.

Effective Crisis Intervention Certification training will cover numerous topics such as:

* How to identify causes of challenging behavior

* Recognizing when verbal altercations are leading to physical violence

* Determining exactly when to intervene

* How to immediately calm hostile behavior and outbursts

* Assisting with multiple persons at once

* Motivating disagreeable individuals

* Understanding professional distance and how to remain unbiased during interventions

* Maintaining a calm, professional, and respectful attitude towards individuals in crisis

* Handling internal anxiety and fears when intervening

* Physical escape and evasion techniques

* Non-violent physical intervention methods to prevent, stop, and/or contain violent persons

Also, by attending or viewing a Crisis Intervention Certification course, an employee currently working in the industries mentioned above (as well as others not mentioned) will gain a valuable credential to their CV or Resume for their current and future positions.

Crisis Intervention Certification – May Be Required

Crisis intervention training and crisis intervention certification is rapidly becoming a standard requirement for those working in the healthcare, human services, and related fields, and is currently considered a Best Practice and a required part of industry Accreditation from organizations such as Joint Commission, CARF, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, the American Correctional Association, and others.

This type of training can be found online and taught live for organizations around the country and the world. If you are seeking out certification for yourself or your co-workers please take a moment to review our website for more information on how this valuable training will benefit you and those you serve.