• Would You Enjoy Teaching Others How To Survive Crisis Situations?

  •  Do You Dream Of Working For Yourself?

  • Does Crisis Prevention & Intervention and/or Workplace Violence Prevention Interest You?

Today’s workplaces are in desperate need of highly effective, engaging, and dynamic Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training and Conflict Resolution trainers, speakers, and presenters.  The Crisis Consultant Group, LLC has created a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to gain Independent certification and recognized authorization to provide training for outside organizations who are in need of these services.

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Utilizing an amazing 13 year, 31 state, proven track record of satisfied and diversified clients, this Independent Affiliate Trainer Program will provide attendees with the necessary training, techniques, curriculum, and materials to increase their earning potential while simultaneously helping to make society safer each and every day.

Independent Affiliate Trainer Program

This intensive, five-day Independent Affiliate Trainer Program immerses participants in highly engaging and dynamic training to manage challenging and/or threatening situations themselves, as well as prepares them to be able to provide training and certification to others on the following workshop topics:

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (CPIT)™ (Verbal & Physical De-escalation)
  • Emotional Response Levels™ (A 6-Step approach to Crisis Management)
  • The SOLVE Solution™ (Conflict Resolution for Corporate Environments)
  • EMPOWER™ (Increasing Productivity and Teamwork Within Organizations)

Participants will be provided with teaching materials, facilitator guides, lesson plans, and access to video tutorials guiding them towards being able to deliver industry leading courses to companies and employees that are in desperate need of Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training and Workplace Violence Prevention courses.

  • Days 1-3 include: CES Verbal, Physical and Train the Trainer curriculum
  • Day 4 includes: The SOLVE Workshop™ and EMPOWER™
  • Day 5 includes: Affiliate Training (Advertising, Marketing, Social Media and Related Business Development training)

This Independent Affiliate Trainer Program fully immerses the attendee in the CCG Calm Every Storm, Crisis Prevention & Intervention Training (CPIT)™ curriculum and business model.  This course will provides the attendee with the legal authorization, knowledge, materials, and rights to offer CCG training courses for profit under the Crisis Consultant Group, LLC banner. 

This event is only held once a year in Richmond, VA with limited spaces available.  For further information, please contact CCG directly. 

Register for this opportunity below:

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•Affiliate Certification & Agreement
•Selected and Secured Region
•Live Taught 5-Day course

•Richmond, VA – April 2017
•Hampton Inn – RIC

•Early Registration Discount
•Flexible Financing Options

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