CCG working hard to strengthen the Fauquier County Court system for Emergencies

The Fauquier County Sheriffs Office reached out to CCG to provide enhanced Active
Shooter Response training for the General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations, and Circuit Courts in early 2018.  Happy to have the opportunity to help out our local community, we jumped right on it.

CCG ASR Division Instructors brought over five decades of Tactical Response and Law Enforcement training and experience to the multiple training sessions to help raise awareness, enhance response plans, conduct brief walk-thru risk assessments, and answer any questions brought up along the way.

Uniquely situated in Old Town Warrenton, VA the Fauquier County Court system serves a wide array of services from within each court, and may see over 400 visitors on any given day that court is in session.  Utilizing historical buildings with many uniquely shaped rooms and halls, multiple levels, and structural differences not found in the more modern era courtrooms of the Commonwealth, create the need for teamwork and pre-planning by the staff and Sheriffs Deputies responsible for day to day activities.

With this training now complete, its safe to say that the attendees gained valuable insight into not only keeping themselves safe during such events, but also learned how to better mitigate and/or prevent harm from occurring to visitors as well.

If your local court system could benefit from some on-site ASR or related Mass Casualty Event training, please give CCG a call.