CCG’s Workplace Violence Prevention Training Course offers organizations the most effective opportunity to empower their workforce for emergency situations.  This curriculum was uniquely designed to combine the industry recognized and highly regarded Calm Every Storm, Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training® (De-escalation & Conflict Resolution) with elements of our widely sought after Active Threat Response™ Training.

Often taught to medium and large groups, this course is highly engaging, dynamically presented and fully customizable in regards to topics, length, and level of interactive exercises.  Use of lecture, video, multimedia instruction, combined with practical exercises and final testing.  This course has been heavily utilized across the USA, Canada and Internationally, and is found in nearly every type of workplace setting.

Topics include:

  • Increasing Ability to Predict Crisis and Violent Behavior
  • Understanding Workplace Violence Types
  • Increasing Ability to Avoid, Deter, and De-escalate Crisis
  • Building Rapport & Active Listening
  • Increasing Situational Awareness and Understanding
  • Identifying Workplace Complexities
  • Maintaining Your Calm When Faced With Challenging Behavior
  • Recognizing Warning Signs of Imminent Danger
  • Effective tips for Conflict Resolution
  • The 5 Steps to De-escalation
  • The SOLVE Solution™

Active Threat Response Topics: (if added)

  • Lessons Learned From Tragedy
  • Look, Listen, Tell™ Early Warning Identification
  • Run, Hide, Fight – DHS Best Practices
  • Breathe, Think, Act™ – Survival Mindset
  • Empowerment Based Curriculum

Curriculum taught aligns with Best Practices, and meets and/or exceeds Accreditation standards and guidelines for organizations such as;

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation
  • OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)
  • US Dept. of Education
  • Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

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