Active Shooter Response Training For Casinos

iStock_000041899292_MediumProviding Active Shooter Response Training for Casinos and the Gaming Industry requires not only a proven curriculum and training program, but a unique understanding of the industry, and its inherent strengths and potential vulnerabilities.

  1. Preservation of life is paramount.
  2. Asset protection comes in a close second place.
  3. Resuming normal operations as quickly as possible is third.


Active Shooter Response Training for Casinos

All 3 of these factors must be addressed when developing an Active Shooter Response Plan and related policies and procedures. CCG’s Active Shooter Response Training for Casinos will address all of these factors and more.

Active Shooter Response for casinosOne of the largest strengths found in the gaming industry is its highly regarded use of surveillance systems.  Aside from using surveillance to monitor illicit gambling activities, use of that same system to identify, monitor, and aid Security and/or First Responder’s before, during, or after an Active Shooter or Armed Intruder event is critical.  CCG training can help prepare surveillance staff for such events.

One of the largest potential difficulties that Security Officers will face during an Active Shooter or Armed Intruder event are; mass confusion and panic, medical emergencies, potential loss of command structure, poor communication, poor visibility, and overall lack of coordinated response which can lead to additional risk and harm done to both Casino patrons and staff.

CCG training will also address:

  • Mass evacuation
  • Coordinated command and control operations
  • Trauma and casualty care/medical triage
  • Enhanced physical protection methods for employees

Active Shooter Workshops, ASR Plan development and review , Rolling-Classroom, Table-top scenarios, and live-action role play scenarios can be provided on, or off-site.

Instruction is provided by CCG’s nationally recognized Active Shooter Instructor cadre bringing years of tactical law enforcement, military, emergency medicine, dignitary and executive protection, as well as security industry experience to this unique, and highly specialized environment.

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