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Emotional Intelligence Certification Online

The Emotional Intelligence for Crisis Intervention Course provides a highly effective and succinct understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how its concepts apply to crisis intervention.  

Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become one of the most intriguing skill sets to acquire for a number of reasons such as: effective communication, successful relationships, enhancing teamwork, raising awareness, building rapport and more.  This course covers the widely accepted five core aspects of positive EI: Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skill, and goes on to bridge the gap between gaining these skills and creating effective interventions and successful de-escalation.

Emotional Intelligence Training Online

This course is an excellent introduction for persons interested in EI, as well as a great “add-on” training for those already familiar with crisis prevention and intervention, yet are seeking to upgrade their skill set to the next level.

*Large group discounts are available, so please contact us prior to purchasing for groups of 10 or more. 

The Emotional Intelligence for Crisis Intervention (Certification) consists of just under 40 minutes of narrated PowerPoint Multimedia, with a short assignment and brief written test upon completion.

Personalized Certificates of completion are provided immediately upon conclusion of the course, in downloadable/printable format.


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