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Chad Sturgis

Master Instructor

Chad Sturgis assists Crisis Consultant Group with training at various locations around the country. He brings over 10 years of direct care with incarcerated youth. Currently a front line supervisor for the State of Maine DOC he teaches coworkers de-escalation techniques and models crisis intervention while working with the youth in his facility.

Chad has been a Varsity basketball head coach with at risk youth since 2008. In 2014 he was nominated and won the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) Coach of the Year Award at the state level. Along with coaching Chad created a summer basketball camp called “Bears Camp” for all incarcerated juveniles in his state ages 12-20. The camp focuses on fundamentals, teamwork and pro social behavior using a grading system designed to reward campers that are well rounded in these specific areas.

Chad also is a current member of IACTP (International Association of Correctional Training Personnel) and is a State certified trainer through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. He has been a facility trainer of Calm Every Storm curriculum within his organization for more than 7 years. In addition to the CCG curriculum Chad regularly trains new and veteran staff of all levels in classes including, Supervision of Juveniles, Inmate Supervision, Ethics, Physical Fitness, M.E.R.C. (Mechanics of Effective Restraint and Control), Area and Body search and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions.

Throughout his tenure with the DOC, Chad has been highly involved in union activities serving many roles including Steward Co-Chair and facility Chair. He has represented his facility working through the contract negotiations with the State as well.

Well experienced and extremely talented, we are happy to have Chad on board with the CCG Training Team.


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