The Spartan Youth Academy’s primary purpose is to strengthen, empower, and encourage youth (Ages 12-14) towards becoming the best versions of themselves, through highly interactive and engaging personal development and physically demanding activities.

Utilization of challenge activities, team-building, fitness exercises, community service, self-defense lessons, anti-bully education, motivational speakers, and leadership lessons based on Dr. John Maxwell’s internationally recognized YouthMax Leadership program, attendees of Spartan Youth Academy will become confident and empowered to do amazing things, even after their first session.

Initially being offered in Mechanicsville, VA, Spartan Youth Academy (SYA) will be located at the FAST (Fitness And Sport Training) Center directly across from Lee Davis High School in Mechanicsville.

With a maximum of 10 youth per session, each child will get intensive 1:1 and small group focus each and every day they attend.  Sessions will last for 3-weeks, for a total of 18, two-hour sessions.  Classes will be held from 10am to 12noon on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s beginning June 20th, 2016 

*Meals are not provided 

With engaging and exciting physical challenges and personal growth and development activities planned ahead, while supervised and monitored for security and safety, each and every youth in attendance will gain incredible benefit from every days events.

Example Session Schedule: 


Going the Distance: Becoming A Finisher.

  • Challenge Session: (Physical/Mental Challenge Session) Building endurance, discipline, focus, and self-awareness through fitness challenges scaled for each level of capability, while challenging enough to gain confidence and skill.
    • Activities such as running, rowing, and body weight endurance challenges
  • Leadership Lesson: (Guided Lecture / Discussion Session) on what it means to start tasks with motivation and energy, and how to finish strong even when coming from behind.
  • Bonus Round: Breathing pattern exercises and relaxation techniques


Power and Finesse. Becoming Mentally Strong, and Smart.

  • Challenge Session: (Physical/Mental Challenge Session) Plyometrics, weights, footwork drills, Introduction to Self-Defense. Continuing to build confidence and character through increasingly challenging exercises.  Providing a basic understanding of self-defense concepts and skills to keep safe from harm.
  • Leadership Lesson: (Guided Lecture / Discussion Session) Recognizing dangerous situations both physically as well as mentally and increasing self-awareness to avoid negative situations and influences.
  • Bonus Round: Scenario and reality based training to avoid dangerous situations, escaping and evading physical attacks or violence.


Mindset Matters Most.  Core Strength – Inside and Out

  • Challenge Session: (Physical/Mental Challenge Session) Team building exercises with Obstacle Race inspired activity.  Demonstrating the power of the team, and how individuality only works well in certain situations, while teamwork can overcome even the most difficult obstacles.
  • Leadership Lesson: (Guided Lecture / Discussion Session) Focused lesson on how to be a member of a team, and learning how to lose gracefully.  Understanding sacrifice and the value to being a member of a team.
  • Bonus Round: Honored Guest Speaker

SYA is composed of a unique team of highly experienced professionals with decades of experience working with at-risk youth, mental health and rehabilitation, youth counseling, education, law enforcement, fitness, sports coaching, military and martial arts backgrounds.

SYA Coaches include:

Mr. Brendan King



Coach Eric Oswald



First Session:

June 20th, 2016 through July 8th, 2016 = $249.00/per child (3 weeks of 3 days a week (M-W-F) from 10am to 12noon.

Includes all SYA Coach and Guest Speaker instruction and training sessions, training equipment access and use, course t-shirt, and personalized certificate of completion.

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