CCG Clients: In efforts to continuously improve our curriculum, the Calm Every Storm 2017 materials have been updated and are now available for orders.

These materials include updated versions of the CES Beginner Handbooks, CES Advanced Handbooks, CES Recert Handbooks, CES Trainer Facilitator Guides, as well as creation of new CES Pre-work Handbooks (see below for details).

Once current Certified Facility Trainers have been recertified in the 2017 CES curriculum, you will be able to utilize the new 2017 materials within your organization.

If your Certified Facility Trainers are recertified before you have depleted your 2016 materials, trainers will be provided a 2017 Update Sheet to use until new materials are purchased.  Non-2017 version handbook orders will not be accepted after 6/1/2017.

When ordering materials, please complete the form below and take note of the pricing shown. We continue to minimize cost increases to our clients where possible, and offer a discount for orders over 200.   Thank you!

*New Pre-work Handbooks are intended for new CES attendees prior to in class attendance, (i.e. upon hire, new employee orientation, etc.) to allow for such individuals to review the core concepts of CES curriculum, CES model, verbal intervention techniques and methods prior to their attendance in the Beginner and Advanced Courses. 

This allows for a streamlined teaching approach to the Beginner and Advanced courses, enhance student retention, and decrease required in-seat classroom time.  If interested in use of this option, please contact CCG for more information.

Please note:

  • As of 7-1-2017 handbooks will not be shipped prior to payment being received
  • Payments by check or credit card will be possible as in the past. 

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