Building off the aforementioned Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training®, CCG Master Instructors provide additional instruction on the highly effective, realistic, and proven physical intervention passive restraint techniques for emergencies.

When organizations are faced with challenging and/or physically aggressive behavior, staff need to be fully prepared to prevent, mitigate, and contain such behavior through safe and realistic methods.  CCG’s proprietary physical intervention methods combine industry recognized Best Practices with the most advanced physical protection and restraint methodology in the industry.

Techniques taught empower employees to safely protect themselves and the individual in crisis, while eliminating the chance of harm within seconds.  Proven across the country in a myriad of highly violent and dangerous environments, the Calm Every Storm physical intervention techniques are unparalleled in effectiveness, ease of use, and retention.

More details on the actual techniques can be found HERE.  For additional information, please contact us directly to speak on our solutions.

This training provides a highly engaging and interactive training experience.  Use of lecture, video, multimedia instruction, combined with practical exercises and final testing.  Length of course can be customized based on organization, depth of training desired, scheduling, and budget demands.  This course has been heavily utilized across the USA, Canada and Internationally, and is found in nearly every type of workplace setting.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing Warning Signs of Physical Violence
  • Utilizing a Team Approach
  • Escaping and Evading Aggressive Attacks
  • Mental Preparation for Emergencies
  • Understanding Positional Asphyxia, Excited Delirium, and Related Risk Factors
  • Switch Outs (Replacing Staff Without Loss of Control)
  • Transitions To Alternative Restraint Methods (If Applicable To The Organization)
  • Release Strategies
  • And More!

Training includes:

  • Course handbook
  • Final review and competency testing
  • Certificate of completion

This course is in alignment with Best Practices, and meets and/or exceeds Accreditation standards and guidelines for organizations such as;

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation
  • OSHA General Duty / Workplace Violence Prevention Clause
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS)
  • US Dept. of Education
  • Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

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