• We offer “Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training (CPIT)® which is our unique curriculum built to teach you how to de-escalate crisis situations through non-aggressive, and non-violent verbal intervention techniques.  Our methods have been utilized across the USA and Internationally for just under 20 years
  • There are a number of vendors providing “Crisis Prevention & Intervention” training, any of which you may choose to meet your specific needs
  • Many trainings will have similar names/initials due to all of us focusing on the prevention of crisis situations, etc. and management of aggressive and/or challenging behavior
  • Over 20 years ago we decided there needed to be other alternatives in the “Crisis Prevention” industry aside from the vendors that existed at that time
  • We have risen to be one of the leaders in this industry through our more realistic, more effective, and safer methodology

More questions? Shoot us an email at: [email protected] –  we are happy to discuss it!