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Steve Naglosky

Master Instructor

Steve Naglosky assists Crisis Consultant Group with training at various locations around the country.  He brings over 15 years of direct-care with at-risk youth.  Having worked for many years on the front lines, then promoted through the ranks to supervisory levels and program manager, Steve understands the importance of effective crisis intervention training for employees, as well as consumers.

Offering unique perspectives, from both personal and professional experience, his near daily experience managing at-risk youth behavior, his level of understanding and ability to connect with troubled youth who are struggling with mental health issues, developmental disabilities, and drug and alcohol abuse is highly respected.

With a lengthy background in high school and college wrestling, amateur and professional fight experience in mixed martial arts, and certification as a Personal Defense Readiness, Fundamentals Coach with Blauer Tactical Systems, Steve understands what real violence and aggression is, and how to manage it effectively for safe outcomes.

In addition, Steve was a Facility Trainer of the Calm Every Storm curriculum within his own organization in the mid-west for just over 10 years.  He has now joined the CCG Mobile Training Team full-time to pass his direct experiences on to our clients, and we are sure glad to have him.


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