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Rana Hamadani

EDO / Director of Training

Rana Hamadani  brings so many great skills and types of experience, we are not sure where to begin.  With a MA in Industrial & Organizational Psych, a BA in Psychology, a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, an MBTI Certified Instructor, a Franklin Covey Project Management and Leadership Instructor, and Senior Professional in Human Resources, the benefits to the CCG team are clear.

 Currently serving as Executive Director of Operations and Director of Training, Rana offers great perspective, insight, and operational experience managing diverse projects and initiatives. Rana continues to streamline CCG’s business strategy and assists in balancing CCG’s continual growth with its dedication to the company mission.

In addition to serving as EDO, Rana is often called upon to provide training to clients on a multitude of topics ranging from effective time management, communication strategies, leadership, personality profiling, organizational development, and related human resources topics requested by our clients.


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