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School Violence Prevention Training

school violence prevention training ccg

  • Reduce school violence and prevent harm
  • Prevent crisis situations from occurring
  • Improve communication and cooperation
  • Prevent, deter, and identify dangerous situations
  • Develop highly effective Crisis Response Teams
  • Provide educators with intervention strategies
  • Highly effective non-violent physical intervention
  • Active Shooter / Armed Intruder Response
  • Crisis Response Plan development assistance, review, and evaluation

In schools around the country, violence among students as well as towards educators, has not only been on the rise, but it has become a more volatile and challenging type of crisis situation to deal with.  Working with administrators, schools, and educators to create a safer environment through school violence prevention training is critical.  This is exactly what the Student and Faculty Teamwork (SAF-T) Training Course© is designed to do. Blending unique training involving both educators and selected students, this course is revolutionizing how schools are curbing violence and bullying.

CCG training courses have been proven to reduce crisis, reduce injuries, minimize risk, and have been successfully utilized in 25 states across the USA in a wide array of educational settings, treatment centers, hospitals, corporate environments and related workplaces. If improving your schools safety and security from the inside is a priority to you, please contact the Crisis Consultant Group today so we can prepare just the right training course to meet your school’s violence prevention training needs.

Contact CCG today so we can customize our highly effective training options for your school, educators and students.