Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a captivating destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. Situated off the coast of Southern California, this picturesque island continues to mesmerize visitors with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning landscapes. Whether you are looking to relax and soak up the sun on the sandy shores or embark on an exciting hiking expedition through the island’s rugged terrain, Catalina Island has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of a trip to Catalina Island is exploring the astonishing marine life that inhabits the surrounding waters. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will delight in the opportunity to witness the vibrant coral reefs and swim among a diverse array of fish species. For those seeking a more tranquil experience, kayaking and paddleboarding along the calm bays and coves offer a chance to appreciate the island’s tranquil beauty at a leisurely pace. With its idyllic surroundings and abundance of outdoor activities, Catalina Island is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Catalina Island

Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum of Art is a hidden gem nestled within the vibrant city of Long Beach, California. With its stunning coastal surroundings and modern architectural design, the museum offers a captivating experience for art enthusiasts and visitors alike. Step through its doors and be greeted by a collection of contemporary and traditional artworks that celebrate the diversity and creativity of the human spirit.

The museum’s permanent collection showcases a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. From the thought-provoking pieces of renowned artists to emerging talents, each exhibit masterfully tells a unique story, inviting viewers to explore new perspectives and engage with the art on a personal level. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, ensuring that there is always something fresh and exciting to see. Whether you’re a long-time art aficionado or simply seeking inspiration, the Long Beach Museum of Art promises a captivating journey through the world of visual arts.

Long Beach Museum of Art

Shoreline Village

Shoreline Village is a charming waterfront destination that offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its picturesque boardwalk and stunning views of the ocean, it is the perfect place to soak in the sun and indulge in some relaxation. The village exudes a laid-back and welcoming ambiance, with its quaint shops, delectable eateries, and lively entertainment options.

Strolling through Shoreline Village, visitors are treated to a myriad of unique shops that showcase locally made crafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or a trendy beachwear, this village has it all. After a shopping spree, you can recharge at one of the village’s cozy cafes or enjoy a delicious meal at a waterfront restaurant. The dining options range from fresh seafood to international cuisines, ensuring there is something to satisfy every palate. As the sun begins to set, Shoreline Village comes alive with live music and street performances, creating a vibrant and memorable atmosphere for all who visit.

Shoreline Village

Naples Island

Naples Island, situated within the vibrant city of Long Beach, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its picturesque canals and charming waterfront homes, this idyllic neighborhood exudes a sense of sophistication and tranquility. Walking along the winding sidewalks, one can’t help but feel a sense of serenity as boats gently glide along the shimmering waterways, and lush greenery lines the streets.

In addition to its scenic beauty, Naples Island also boasts an array of dining and shopping options. From quaint cafes and upscale restaurants to boutique shops and local galleries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re strolling along the canals, savoring a delicious meal with a waterfront view, or perusing the charming boutiques, Naples Island offers a truly unique and memorable experience. Whether you’re a local seeking a peaceful getaway or a visitor looking to explore a hidden gem, Naples Island is sure to captivate your senses and leave you with a lasting impression.

Naples Island


How do I get to Catalina Island from Long Beach?

The most common way to get to Catalina Island from Long Beach is by taking a ferry from the Catalina Express Terminal at the Downtown Long Beach Landing. The ferry ride takes about an hour and offers stunning views of the ocean.

What can I expect to see at the Long Beach Museum of Art?

The Long Beach Museum of Art offers a diverse collection of artwork, including contemporary pieces, European masterpieces, and local California artists. Visitors can also enjoy the museum’s beautiful oceanfront location and explore the stunning gardens.

Is Shoreline Village suitable for families?

Yes, Shoreline Village is a great place for families. It features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options such as a carousel and arcade games. There is also a waterfront promenade where families can enjoy a leisurely stroll and take in the beautiful views.

How can I explore Naples Island in Long Beach?

Naples Island is best explored on foot or by bike. You can take a leisurely walk along the canals and admire the beautiful waterfront homes, or rent a bike and ride along the dedicated bike paths. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Naples Island fountain!

Are there any parking facilities near these attractions?

Yes, there are several parking facilities available near these attractions. Catalina Express Terminal has its own parking lot, and there are also parking lots and street parking options near the Long Beach Museum of Art, Shoreline Village, and Naples Island. Be sure to check for any parking restrictions or fees.

Can I bring my own food to Shoreline Village?

Yes, you can bring your own food to Shoreline Village. It has picnic tables and grassy areas where you can enjoy a picnic with a view of the waterfront. However, there are also plenty of restaurants and eateries in the area if you prefer to dine out.

Are there any additional activities or events at the Long Beach Museum of Art?

Yes, the Long Beach Museum of Art frequently hosts special events, exhibitions, and art workshops. It’s worth checking their website or contacting them directly to see if there are any upcoming activities or events that align with your interests.

Can I swim or participate in water activities at Naples Island?

Naples Island does not have designated swimming areas, but you can enjoy various water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, or boating in the nearby Alamitos Bay. There are rental shops in the area where you can easily access equipment for these activities.

How long does it take to explore these attractions in Long Beach?

The duration of your visit to these attractions can vary depending on your preferences and the amount of time you have. On average, visiting Catalina Island can take a full day, while exploring the Long Beach Museum of Art and Shoreline Village can be done in a few hours. Naples Island can be explored within an hour or two, depending on how much time you spend walking or biking around.