This is an example of trying to recruit police in a world where the need De Escalation training which our De Escalation training at our De Escalation training blog, and our  crisis training, and Cpi certification are more important than ever.

As an Officer in the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP), you never know what’s waiting for you on your next shift. It could test your mind, your body or even your patience to their limits.

One thing is certain, and that is you will have a huge range of diverse roles and potential career paths open to you, all with the support and security of your employer behind you. With such a range and depth of possibilities available to you, we hope you are inspired by the possibilities of a future in the MDP and are ready to find out more.


The job of a police officer is seen as both a rewarding but difficult position and playing a key role in modern society. In addition to the feeling of contributing to society the job as a police officer has many other advantages such as a very respectable starting salary (up to £28k starting) and great job benefits.

In order to get your position as a police officer you will have to successfully fulfil the difficult and challenging police recruitment process.

The best method for passing the recruitment process is to learn from those who have already successfully completed it!

When you apply to join the police force as a police officer you will be competing against a large amount of applicants and you need to make sure that you stand out from the rest, in a positive manner. You want to have the assessors to say ‘wow’ and identify you as an ideal candidate for the position.

How do I know what they are looking for?
The reality is that you don’t really have any idea of what is it they are looking for. To find this out you will need to speak to the assessors, previously successful candidates and possible current service police officers.

Our recruitment guide has been created by a combination of current recruitment staff and assessors, successful applicants and current serving police officers.

It is a MUST have for anyone serious about joining the police force, and will take you step by step through the whole process, giving you a detailed insight and will show you exactly what you to in order to pass.

Our recruitment guide is regularly updated to ensure it covers the any changes to the recruitment process and provide you with up to date recruitment information.


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