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non violent crisis intervention training onlineThink about the ripple effect you might create when you’ve helped someone through a crisis. At the track you could use non violent crisis intervention training online.


cpi certification costBut also cpi certification cost are well known. When we do something for someone else—whether it’s good or bad—we’re affecting more than one person. You help them, they help someone else, and that person helps someone else. The ripple effect continues on. There have been many opportunities in working with people that I’ve done the best I could to help them out of the situation they’re in. I’ve tried to convince them that, through hard work, determination, willingness to change behaviors, taking a look inward, and raising their level of self-awareness, they can achieve greatness. From that perspective, I ask them, what do you want in life?  Inevitably, they answer, “I want to achieve greatness for my life.  

So, now I pose you that challenge and I question you, “How important is this next crisis? How important is it for you to successfully help this person through itThe ripple effect alone is huge. You never know how or when that successful crisis de-escalation will come back and affect you, those you love, or your community. Karma sure seems to work sometimes, so why not set out to get the positive kind.  

Straightline racing Unlimited

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